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Shiori 12 01,2017 12:54
Hello! I want to answer your question but it'll be really long (and kinda personal). I hope that you can send me an e-mail. Then, I'll reply to you via e-mail.   1 reply
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Shiori 12 01,2017 07:02
I do. Because I believe in Judgement Day...Heaven and Hell. It's more than logic because some people think that life is unfair. So, no worries even if I do good deeds and no reward in this world, I will get them later. As long as I do the good deeds with good intention and ways. But...I think that I don't do enough deeds to get God's mercy to ente......   reply
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INFJ. An advocate who like to help others so that they can help themselves later. Ironically, when it comes to helping myself, I feels like running away and don't have the same motivation. But not always. Depends on my condition at that time. Haha. But I do think that personality changes. You ......   1 reply
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People are doing

want to do first kiss

Still waiting

3 hours ago
did nicknames

My family calls me Em, EMK but for some odd reason my grandma used to call me Tilly plop. My friends call me El though.

22 hours ago
want to do get yaoi manga book

I really want to... but I can't buy it because I'm still stuck in my country... Must be good if I have any relatives in Singapore...

23 hours ago