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Hello! I want to answer your question but it'll be really long (and kinda personal). I hope that you can send me an e-mail. Then, I'll reply to you via e-mail.   1 reply
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I do. Because I believe in Judgement Day...Heaven and Hell. It's more than logic because some people think that life is unfair. So, no worries even if I do good deeds and no reward in this world, I will get them later. As long as I do the good deeds with good intention and ways. But...I think that I don't do enough deeds to get God's mercy to ente......   reply
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INFJ. An advocate who like to help others so that they can help themselves later. Ironically, when it comes to helping myself, I feels like running away and don't have the same motivation. But not always. Depends on my condition at that time. Haha. But I do think that personality changes. You ......   1 reply
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People are doing

want to do thank translation groups

we should all send endless kudos and good wishes to translators, scanners etc. the effort they put in is heroic.

6 hours ago
did thank translation groups

I usually post my thanks to the scans, the feedback is important for them. As translator I know how it is, so I try to be grateful :3

11 hours ago
want to do thank translation groups

Doing fan translations myself, I know how much effort it is. Other translators have motivated me to want to give back to the community too.

14 hours ago