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My first was Annarasumanara. I loved the story and the art. Still a favorite to this day. Other favorites I have would be Noblesse, What Lies at the end, A man like you, Killing Stalking, Bastard, Unlucky Mansion, That house where I live with you, Raising a bat, and Revival Man.   reply
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I haven't watched many Thai BL dramas, but I did watch Love Sick (super cute) and Grey Rainbow ( good, but sad too ). But I have watched a few Thai BL Movies which I love!(▰˘◡˘▰) Have any of you watched How to win at Checkers(Everytime)? or Water Boyy?   2 reply
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I get turned off when the characters start talking shit about women. Like in the general sense, not towards a specific female character in the story. It just just comes off as a misogynistic way of pushing the male characters together. Because of that I don't want women in yaoi at all b/c once I see the mangaka put in lines like how women are crazy......   1 reply
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People are doing

did confess to your crush

in the end i was rejected but still i have this stupid feelings for him :(

4 hours ago
want to do first kiss

im still young so I don't mind but when the time comes I'll probably be blushing

5 hours ago
want to do confess to your crush

while he was there i ran away from him and now i regret it cuz i know i can never meet him again.

5 hours ago