I read what happens and I'm honesty disappointed, maybe I expected something darker and more twisted not something dramatic but tragic.Also I'm not a fan of polyamorous relationships (in stories like this at least) so I don't know if I should read the updates

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I just watched the last episode of soul eater and I want to read the manga.I've heard that the ending s different.From which chapter should I start?I don't want to read it from the beginning, just from when things started changing

He knows that Yubin is tired and doesn't want to have sex with him, because he doesn't want his feelings getting hurt, yet he is provoking him on purpose ..sometimes he is so selfish

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I'm in love with BL!
BL is love. BL is life <33

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Includes Oneshot from Omegaverse BL Anthology...

  • Author: KIRISHIKI Tokico
  • Genres: Yaoi

Why isn't the mother in prison?This is jsut sad.I can't find a single cute thing in the srory...

He left him for a year and in that year he was living with his arranged partner.The only thing that was going through my mind the whole tine was "what the hell?"He was supposed to go there and talk to his family, his sister already knew about Akira.How can you go from "I'll come back, wait for me" to "we decided to live together for a year".Also, Akira never responded to his texts.How on earth did he not come back to check on him?And when he came back he thought that everything was alright?

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Thank you so much for updating it

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I wish there was a manga with many chapters portraying a relationship between a sadist and a masochist

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What did the barman say to Setagawa? I must've missed something

The idea of it is actually very interesting, it needed to be longer for sure.Also, some more details would've been nice