I've watched the ova and it didn't look like shounen ai, it was more like teasing.Do they actually end up together in the manga?

I've read many messed but yaois, but this one scarred me for some reason.Polygamy makes me uncomfortable to begin with, but the poor guy basically got forced into it and is treated like shit...

I'm just here to say that Madoka looks really hot with the bandana thing....Also young grandpa is everything

The first chapter was really interesting, but I'm not a fan of polygamy.I wish this had turned out differently

I can't believe this.I refuse to accept that I will never know how it ends

I don't even know how to feel about the second and third volumes.As much as I love the story it took me by surprise how it progressed.The ending (1rst volume) was perfect, yet in the continuation they don't even feel like a couple.It pains me to say, because the is my second (maybe first) favourite shounen ai, but it's like the story is getting nowhere.Maybe I need to re-read it...

Spin-off from Remnant: Kemonohito Omegaverse about the lives of the young children of Daato and Juda...

  • Author: Hasumi Hana
  • Genres: Fantasy / Supernatural / Yaoi

Ι really liked the ending.I might be the only one, but I wanted sensei to have a happy ending.

I was about to commemt that this is great and I need a chapter everyday...but chapter 8 came I didn't even want to read it anymore.

I loved the story, it was about closure and finding love.I adore pure and realistic yaoi like this.

To be honest I mostly felt bad for Pippi, I kinda wanted him to be with Mari...maybe they could support each other.I had hope for Jin and Rio, but...Jin doesn't deserve him

One of the rare yaoi mangas that portray actual S&M, it's great

This is hilariously bad, yet I want to know how it will end

I really need more couples like them.They are so sweet my heart can't take it

Is this 3P?I haven't read it yet and that's not my style. ..

This is a great story, it is sad that people can't appreciate it.The author wanted an open ending for the old man and I understand that.The rating is too low for a story like this...

So many updates (๑•ㅂ•)و✧