Kristi created a topic of Virgin Pink Scanda

Τhis is adorable they both are so kind it's so refreshing with all the rape one shots out there

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Chun Sam blushing is adorable

Kristi created a topic of Sono Yubi De Hagashite

I really like sensei's style and this story will make my heart hurt I can already feel the pain but I love it

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My favourite yaoi authors:
Yoneda Kou,
Ichikawa Kei,
Old Xian,
Takarai Rihito,
Natsume Isaku,
Sakyo Aya,
Ogawa Chise,
Ogeretsu Tanaka,
Kizu Natsuki,
Inoue Satou,
Aoi Aki,
Nakamura Asumiko,
Ougi Yuzuha,
Ootsuki Miu,
Hino Garasu ... so far :)

new additions:
Ogura Muku,
Yukue Moegi,
Kanda Neko

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This makes me feel so emotional and I tear up every time

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This is so beautiful it makes my heart feel warm

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Αnd they had to make the villain hot ╥﹏╥

Kristi add manga to list OMEGAVERSE PARADISE *~*


  • Author: himoda q
  • Genres: Yaoi

The alpha saved the omega from bullies when they were kids and now many years later they reunite and the omega confesses to the alpha.The alpha has the I'll use him till I get bored attitude but we all know how this will go on.

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At first i thought that the chibi one was some hardcore criminal and Julian a detective (≧∀≦).It was really adorable

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Kristi created a topic of Masakadou E Irasshai

Very cute and can we take a moment to appreciate Peter? (ノ≧∇≦)ノ

Such a sweet and real story ...I feel satisfied ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ~

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Why do you all think that the omega is the seme? :o Anyway I really like the art and I'm always excited for omegaverse so lets add it to the list

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Sanpai where are you?

Well I'm Greek and I never thought that I would fangirl over Socrates (etc) but here I am

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Kristi created a topic of Heaven & Hell Roman Company

I'm in Heaven


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Tbh I didn't like the manga because of the rape (and I don't care if it's fiction it just off putting and yes I continued reading it because guess what I wanted to I can't drop a manga unless it's really horrible)but what surprises me is that people complain here where the seme seems kinda dense and not in other yaoi where the seme gives 0 fucks about the uke and is way toο forceful (and the uke still falls in love) there are so much worse than this one