Aaaaw poor baby you played with someone's feelings and now you feel lonely boohoo


  • Author: Sunako
  • Genres: Drama / Mature / Romance / Yaoi

The alpha is in love with his classmate (Ω) who is a sex worker, but there is a very tragic backstory

I'm the only one that wants the alpha to top ┗( T﹏T )┛.Also Azusa is kind of a psycho ... a hot one, but stil a psycho.I feel bad for Kaede


  • Author: AKIMOTO Yoshi
  • Genres: Romance / Yaoi

I'm looking forward to it as well

A story about people who love and respect their partners, it was lovely
Also, the art is beautiful!

I'm sick and tired of manipulative rapists

Initially I thought it was going to be kinda basic(asshole seme who doesn't care about his partner) , but turned out to be pretty sweet

I was waiting for this to get updated, thank you!Although the mc fell in love too quickly so it was kinda disappointing, but I still like it

What he did was disgusting.I loooved the uke and I liked that the issue was addressed , it's actually pretty common in yaoi (uke getting treated as a girl)

What a goofy couple ♡ !The story is adorable and the smex scenes hawt.Definitely worth the time.

I love you and I hate those who have molested you, because they hurt you *proceeds in sexuality assaulting sensei cause you*.Oh and let's not forget the whole "they molest you because you give them the opportunity to do so" .This was painful to read

The story is really nice, somewhat realistic.The sequel is also very enjoyable.

The only was I can describe the story is heart warming.I love it.

How can you lie to the person you care about so much? It's a serious issue, this ruined the whole story for me.