I'm glad that the rejection was just a mistranslation... my heart hurt after reading it initially. And I was confused by papa's sudden flip-floppity behavior towards the end.

The revision makes the pacing so much more bearable, although it still isn't perfect-
Personally, I would have liked to see more effort on papa's part, though I'm sure he does care for him a lot. It would have been nice to watch Papa do something for Hitsuji for a change, although he did give him a brief/necessary 'push' in high school. That was nice of him; I hope they include more in the extra.

P.S. I hope Hitsuji stops feeling inferior just because he's gay... the way he cried about it so apologetically broke my heart. I wish there was a little more closure, there, like perhaps a re-encounter with his insensitive colleague? Either way, this was such a cute story.

alinmango asked a question

So, it may be no surprise, but I have an affection for things like biting, choking, hitting, etc. when it comes to sex; I have been this way for as long as I can remember. Let me explain.

Even as a child, (yes, I know, scary) I have liked it when the characters/people that I admire in a TV show/book/cartoon are harmed in some way. I liked it when Daphne got tied up on Scooby Doo... and so on.

Currently, my weird fantasies have been given an outlet in these strange and lovely mangas/manhwas that I read, so I'm very happy. But I have to wonder... why is it that I turned out this way? I have a few theories, but I can't be certain about anything because I'm not a psychologist. So I want your opinions.

What do you think shaped your physical interests? Personally, I think it's because I was watching a show about crime at a very young age, and there were a few risque scenes in the dramatizations that often got rough and violent. I think my weird fantasies started to pop up around the same time, so this is the safest conclusion I've come to so far.

alinmango created a topic of Madness

I stayed up reading until 2am and immediately woke up to read it again. I loved the action/darkness-


I think the art style was a bit difficult to get used to, (I had a hard time figuring out what was going on, on certain pages) but it could have been because I was tired. And while it is such a cruel tease that there was only 1 sex scene, I think it was also very rewarding. However, I wish that ugly man who forced Izaya to use his mouth would die and suffer. I was hoping Kyo would mutilate him.

My biggest complaint was the fact that Izaya never became particularly useful, in the sense that he only ever seemed to dsitract/hold his peers back during combat by being in distress but never truly hurt(?) if that makes sense. However, in the end I think his helplessness probably adds to the affection that Kyo feels for him.

Also, their parting words: "I won't die until I do you." Oh, Kyo, such a romantic.

Anyways. While this manga has its flaws, I got hooked on it really quickly and loved the action/plot in spite of it!

alinmango created a topic of What Lies at the End

This will be the end of me, I swear... I can't take it. I saw the raws and I was still unprepared.

...On another note, I have now been informed, by my own brain, that biting is apparently also one of my kinks. Well, to be honest I knew that to begin with, but-- Seriously, even when jiwook bites our tae min? Have a little tact, me.

alinmango add manga to list Possessive Lover

One day Hatsuki was hurt on campus and was helped by Watakabe Tatsuyuki, the most famous idol in sch...

  • Author: YAMAKAMI Riyu
  • Genres: Yaoi
alinmango add manga to list Possessive Lover

Outstanding student Tadafumi Hanai of Misonoi Campus has to tutor Still's lead member Ohtsuki Yuu, w...

  • Author: Tateno Makoto
  • Genres: Drama / Psychological / School Life / Yaoi
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A disturbing amount of my kinks were in this manga. So I will follow it.

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I don't really understand why people are apprehensive about calling what Sangwoo did a rape. It isn't really surprising, considering all of the other horrid things he has done in the manhwa. This is a horror, after all, depicting a serial killer with a penchant for dismembering innocent people...

I assume it's because people think that they aren't allowed to 'like him' anymore, knowing that he has done this...? But there are plenty of things that have occurred so far that give us plenty reason to resent him. It doesn't mean that everyone is going to, or even has to, for that matter, since he is fictional. Take Walter White from Breaking Bad, for example... it is a super popular show about a person who is doing super illegal and morally questionable things, but Walter will forever have his fans and so will the show. Because it is fiction.

I guess the bottom line is... you can like Sangwoo if you want to-- I'm sure Koogi likes Sangwoo, too, he is her character after all. But that doesn't mean that he is deserving of moral high ground, either. I'm sure that Hannibal fans aren't going to deny that Dr. Lecter is a cannibalistic psychopath. So there should be no reason to deny that Sangwoo is a psychopath who murders his victim and torments/raped Bum.


I love the relationship between Kotaro and his little brothers. They could stand to be a bit more independent/help around the house a little, but they appear to be children at heart. Especially Ikki.

I love them all, though. I can't choose a favorite... Aki's so cute, although he's causing trouble. He just wants Koutaro to stay with them forever because he's a kid and he doesn't know any better.

(P.S. the alliteration in their names is adorable... Yuki, Aki, Ikki. I love it.

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Do you rate the mangas that you add to your list? If so, what is your thought process?

For me, most of my mangas are 3-stars. I've never given anything 1 star before... but I've come close. Probably because if I really don't like them, I don't want to bother with adding them to my list.

So this is how my process goes.

1- N/A (not even worth evaluating)

2- Some potential, but overall dull and cliche.

3- A bit cliche, but cute. Art is decent.

4- Will definitely reread again and again! Either in need of more chapters or more sex, but a great work of art one way or another. This is where I put great doujinshis sometimes.

5- Usually manhwas/shonen mangas fit into this category. Pretty much everything that I'm looking for depending on the genre; sex, action, art, plot.

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Ouch! I related to this page a lot more than I would have liked... Wait, so I have strange fetishes because of my daddy issues after all?!

...Fair enough. I guess I can't judge voyeur boy too much. (・・; )

I have mixed emotions about this manga. Honestly, I was not expecting it to have such plot and drama- Well, I do think that this could have been carried out in a better way, though. I don't mind the intense subject matter but I think sometimes authors miss wonderful opportunities to make the story really 'pop', if that makes sense.

I can't decide if I enjoyed this or not... On one hand, I was given plot when I did not expect it- something I am always grateful for. On the other hand, I think it definitely could have been executed more gracefully. And I would have liked the grandfather to suffer a bit more, because it seemed like he was the root of everyone's suffering and didn't receive the karma I would have liked to see. Although I guess revenge isn't very sweet.

I also couldn't understand why Hozumi liked Kenzaki so much, aside from the possibility of stockholm syndrome- (to be fair, kenzaki developed lima syndrome) so giving them a deeper connection with one another prior to the kidnapping perhaps would have been beneficial...

Overall, I think it needed a bit more closure and depth to it, but at the very least, I think the plot's underlying potential has incited my desire for a heavy, dramatic story.

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Do you guys ever have dreams that make you question your existence/sanity when you wake up? I had a dream like that last night. To summarize, I was seeing things from the perspective of [um, maybe don't read this if you cherish your innocence] a short lesbian attempting to peg a tall, beautiful blond woman. But honestly, it isn't the weirdest dream I've ever had.

I should also mention that dreaming about sex isn't super uncommon for me... considering the amount of time I spend on this godless site. But it is always a bit disappointing when the context is strange. I'd prefer to dream about normal things for once, though.

Also, does anyone else feel sensations in their sleep? Pain for example. For me, I can feel it when I'm hurt, and I can taste, smell and hear things almost as vividly as I can in real life... Yeah, that has its pros and cons.

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Chapter 3 gave me flashbacks to Moritat!

alinmango asked a question

I have had... a terrible day. An awful day full of defeat. I feel like burnt bread. I don't even know what that means, but I feel it.

Anyway, I have come to the bitter conclusion that my first semester of college will be an unfortunate waste of effort and time.

In any case, please recommend something that has cheered you up during a sad time- preferably a manga or even an anime.

alinmango created a topic of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

This has officially become my favorite shoujo manga. I want a Nozaki in my life.

Wait. I take that back. Please, please do not give me a Nozaki.

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So very irrational. I am so surprised that he has come so far without getting caught, his only good quality is his appearance and charm, and I think this is a big theme in the manhwa. Sangwoo can get away with practically anything; suspicious behavior, aggression, defiance, etc. because he has the face and the attitude that allows him to pull it off. Bum can't even walk from point A to point B without being antagonized somehow. I guess it has a lot to do with how people perceive attractiveness.

He reminds me of Quasimodo in a way, although that's a weird thing to say. Anyways, as I was saying. He is irrational because there has never been a sliver of rationality anywhere in his life and he has never really had to utilize it. He was probably never criticized or shamed the same ways Bum was; he likely had a lot of enablers all throughout his life because of his pretty face and popularity. What I find most disturbing is how horribly he resents his father- and yet acts exactly like him. From what I've seen, he's been using Bum as a replacement for his mother, in a way. Or rather, playing the role of the father while assigning Bum to be the mother. It's quite weird.

It makes sense though. I assume that everything he is doing to Bum is something he has seen his father do to his mother; parental behavior is often a big trigger for serial killers such as himself. I don't know if his father ever raped his mother in front of him, but I wouldn't be surprised. It would explain the boner he had when he was thinking about her last season... Little psycho.. In any case, Sangwoo's childhood is a classic case of monkey-see monkey-do.

I love analyzing his behavior. He's such a brat. See you next season, Koogi.

alinmango asked a question

Please recommend some BL mangas in which the seme is an asshole. Preferably one where he has a warm side to him, but anything is fine.

I've already read http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/hina_wa_mitsuiro_no_koi_ni_torawareru/ and http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/hogu_hagyeongsu/
Check them out if you want to!

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How many of you would agree to a poly-amorous relationship? I have thought about it and I am having a hard time deciding whether it would be fun or too troublesome to deal with. Well, I guess it's different depending on how serious you would want the relationship to be.

What do you think?

I have seen a hentai that was just like this. That was all I could think about while I read this... and continually asked myself, "Why? Why have I climbed down this rabbit hole."

Oh well, even if it was a wild ride.. At the very least I liked the art, and it was nostalgic? ┐(゚~゚)┌