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This chapter... made me die a little. Of happiness and despair. Because my baby Kyon finally initiated a kiss with the man he loves! But also tried to commit suicide, which is not so nice. At the very least, Chapter 0 has finally unfolded.

So all along, Kyon was driven to breaking point by being pushed out of Lucaon's mansion. It makes sense. But unfortunately... this also means that Lucaon is about to stop behaving sweetly.

That stupid cane is going to come into play soon! And he is probably going to chain Kyon up, too. Because although he may have said that Kyon is free to leave any time he wants, we all know that that is not true. Lucaon demanded that Kyon stay put and even tried to bargain with him...! Acting as if his behavior was the root of his decision to leave. He seemed kind of like a child, really. Promising that he wouldn't touch him anymore... though, I imagine this depressed Kyon more than he realized.

I hope that things work out between them soon. Kyon needs to be held. Although it seems like Lucaon will be unfairly rough, they definitely need to bond again... (though hopefully he will treat Kyon nicely just one more time before pulling out the cane).

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He was only shown for a page or 2 and has no words but he was sooooo adorable! What happened?

Haa, just kidding. The way he pines after Aya is also cute. But there's something about his fearsome little-self that just melts my heart. I love it.

I hope there are more extras! I think there are many things that could still be explored. I look forward to more, assuming this has not been completed!

Especially because what Kou did to Shinobu was similar to something that has happened to me in the past. At the very least my relationship never got to that level of physical, but still. To be treated like a "toy" and given the cold shoulder by someone you cared deeply about... It hurts a lot.

Shinobu, I admire him so much for pursuing a better job and openly becoming himself. I want him to live happily and confidently with people who care about him (although I have a hunch that he will go back to Kou).

Cheaters are the worst! Kou, suffer for me a bit more. I hope Shinobu continues to haunt you.

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I love the dynamic between Kaburagi and Onoe. They're so different that they're made for each other. And the fact that they both get jealous and possessive is a plus for me.

Kabu is so cool. I feel bad for Masayan, to be dragged around by Onoe for his entire life haha. But those are the friendships that last the longest, so good for him! Even if it might get him killed by Kaburagi one day (though I'm sure he's becoming used to their relationship by now).

And Kasai better hope that he doesn't fall hard. I assume his feelings will stifle a bit now that he knows, or is confirming, that Onoe is with Kabu. That is not a rival that I would like to have.

I don't know when the next volume/chapter will be released but I am anxiously awaiting it. This is still one of my favorite mangas to read!

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[From Nakama]A change in the stakeout team throws Onoe, reporter for a weekly magazine, together wit...

  • Author: natsume isaku
  • Genres: Comedy / Drama / Romance / Slice Of Life / Yaoi
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From Lezhin:Go Siwon's dreams are constantly visited by the clever, beautiful Kang Jinha. In the dre...

  • Author: Waje
  • Genres: Mystery / Romance / Shounen Ai / Supernatural
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Famous Tsubakiya Jousei, from the Faculty of Law, and popular Sakurai Motoki, from the Faculty of Ed...

  • Author: Owaru
  • Genres: Comedy / Fantasy / Smut / Yaoi
alinmango add manga to list Possessive Lover Lezhin:"I love you master." Born a servant, falls in...

  • Author: MasterGin,Chungnyun
  • Genres: Supernatural / Yaoi
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Original Webcomic...

  • Author: Haribo
  • Genres: School Life / Shounen Ai / Supernatural
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From Shinmakoku Scanlations:Kondou Takayuki hates his boss from the bottom of his heart!! Takagi Tos...

  • Author: rino
  • Genres: Comedy / Yaoi
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Shinonome Neo, 28 years-old and single. During his school life, he was disturbed by his senpai, Maki...

  • Author: TAKAGI Ryou
  • Genres: Romance / School Life / Supernatural / Yaoi
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Song Yao is a high school boy whose parents mysteriously disappeared four years ago. He cooks, clean...

  • Author: Woof-woof Mountain King
  • Genres: Psychological / Yaoi
alinmango add manga to list Manhwas world where vampire govern humans!Welcome to Blood Bank, i...

  • Author: silb
  • Genres: Fantasy / Mature / Yaoi
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Song Huan, president of a major company, sends her younger brother to sign for a package who ends up...

  • Author: Xiao Bai Yun, A Jin
  • Genres: Comedy / Romance / Slice of Life / Shounen Ai
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Mae High School?s number one, Peach, ends up falling for the wooden doll carving innocent boy Love! ...

  • Author: Fujoking
  • Genres: Action / School Life / Yaoi
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Yoon Bum, a scrawny quiet boy, has a crush on one of the most popular and handsome guys in school, S...

  • Author: koogi
  • Genres: Drama / Horror / Mature / Psychological / Yaoi
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  • Author: Team Killerwhale
  • Genres: Drama / Yaoi / Mature / Psychological
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From Lezhin:Sun Hwa is a BL artist using his room as a secret base to draw his work. One day, he get...

  • Author: GyaGa
  • Genres: Adult / Romance / Yaoi
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Park Min Gyeom is a human with a disease called hemochromatosis — his blood absorbs too much ...

  • Author: Jade
  • Genres: Comedy / Romance / School Life / Shounen Ai / Yaoi