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Red-eyes, when back to normal, looks disturbingly like the priest. (The human... Tobari's friend?)

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Wait... didn't he (blondie) have these huge scars on his back? I didn't hallucinate those, right?

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I think its gonna be okay, cuz when she walked in, Eungi(?)'s face was deadpan and almost uninterested. Let's see what happens, shall we?

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I'm a badass uke! Anything to piss off my partner and see the reaction! However, loyalty is #1 for me, so he'd never have to worry about that.
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Both are yaoi. In the first one, the seme has a black snake on his back and the uke has a white snake. I think they're yakuza (?). The other one is this guy who saves a kid from a car and ends up getting hit himself. The kid exchanges his life for the man to give him his one wish: to have his crush fall in love with him.

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Im searching for an anime, it features a girl wigh purple hair and a dat like disposition. Her friend (crush) is a boy with glasses and brown hair, who, for some reason, attracts cats. The girl is a total tsundere and i dont think ever tells him that she likes him. Either way, its cute and funny, and also includes a male and female blonde supporting character. Theyre all funny.

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Can anyone send me the link to the Futari no Musuko ni Nerawarete Imasu drama cd? Also, if there is one, the link to the punch up one?
Edit: preferably on a site that doesn't require me to register.

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Iya a yaoi where the uke is from japan and goes to an arabic(?) Country for sightseeing(?). He accidently enters the royal palace (which is taboo or something) and becomes the property(?) of one of the princes.

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I have always loved the beautiful artstyle of these mangas. Hat tip to the mangaka for getting my attention and making me read all of their books just for the wonderful art.

The comments of the people working on these omegaverse mangas are amazing. Uts always the most exciting thing gor me to begin a new chapter and see what the group's up to, as well as seeing their comments at the end of the chapter. (⌒▽⌒)

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It's a yaoi where the mc joins the editorial department for manga, and his old senpai is his boss. It has a countdown starting at 365 days till he falls In love with his senpai.

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I've been trying to go to the tags page so i can look up certain manga that meet the criteria, but i just can't figure out how to her there. Can anyone help? Also, anyone have a good yaoi they recommend?