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18, female, student. I am a Turk living in Turkey.   reply
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I'm a lesbian who is in to both yaoi and yuri. My favorite thing about yaoi is that it has bdsm in it. That's the main reason i read yaoi more. I haven't seen a yuri like that. I feel realy satisfied when i read a good yuri, although it's hard to find.   2 reply
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I change my voice when i talk to strangers. It becomes more rough and scary. And the thing is i dont do it on purpose. It just happens naturally. I have no idea why. I would never notice if my friends hadn't told me about it.   reply
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The first one was Yajirushi by Harada. I thought it was soo messed up because like after all the fluffy cute yaoi i ve read.. it was an amazing change though. I liked it so much that i instantly looked up Harada's other works. Now Harada is my favorite bl author   2 reply
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I think i was about 13. My bestfriend was fighting with his bf so she was upset. We grabed a few beers and we were drinking, she was saying that she didnt want to be with him anymore. Honestly i reeaally liked her we've been friends since kindergarden and i had a crush on her. I was staring at her lips and i was thinking "i really wanna kiss her!" ......   10 reply
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My childhood nickname is Bee. Which is why I go by Mitsubachi. Though people have been calling me Rapunzel recently since I have very long hair

22 minutes ago
did nicknames

My nickname is Jess or Jessie

21 hours ago
did nicknames

So many, main nickname was berry, for eating nothing but strawberries as a kid

21 hours ago