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I realized at the age of 7 that I feel good when I dive into a pool and this thing spurts water against my vagina. So I became a fan of diving... At the age of 12 I realized I could very well achieve this pleasure in a normal shower. And I learned about masturbating with the help of my hands at the age od 15. Long journey but worth it.   2 reply
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01 05,2017 18:47
Definetely an S. I just love hurting and humiliating people and seeing them enjoy it. For women, i like it when they're bratty. With men i like it more when they're obedient and when they treat me like their goddess. I guess I would be down to treating a beautiful mature women like a goddess but I wouldn't like her to humiliate me. I would worship......   reply
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18, female, student. I am a Turk living in Turkey.   reply
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I'm a lesbian who is in to both yaoi and yuri. My favorite thing about yaoi is that it has bdsm in it. That's the main reason i read yaoi more. I haven't seen a yuri like that. I feel realy satisfied when i read a good yuri, although it's hard to find.   2 reply
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I change my voice when i talk to strangers. It becomes more rough and scary. And the thing is i dont do it on purpose. It just happens naturally. I have no idea why. I would never notice if my friends hadn't told me about it.   reply
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People are doing

want to do live in omegaverse universe

I wanna be an omega! GIVE ME AN ALPHA.

9 minutes ago
did get yaoi manga book

I have been diligently pressuring barnes and nobles about it and purchase when they have in stock..I am shameless:)

1 hours ago
did learn foreign languages

I learn French & German at school, and I am learning Japanese as well now. Just did a GCSE in it. I want to learn Korean as well.

4 hours ago