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go to work. Because they have free and pretty fast WiFi and I need to use the library. My boss went on holiday until next year Jan 2nd. I'll be a library geek before she came back cause I need to learn everything about my first job. (not saying I'll cut my otaku life though hehehe' Day is for study and night is for bishies.)   reply
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I might either be asexual or bisexual because I'm a misophobic virgin who drools over both male and female.   1 reply
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Koisuru Bokun has already ended. It has 9 volumes so far and Takanaga sensei announced in volume 7 that the story is already reaching the first part of the final arc, thus, would be concluding with volume 8 as the last installment in the series. After that, she kept on writing a bit more so volume 9 came out with half Morinaga x Tatsumi pairing, ot......   1 reply
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Ohh...there are a lot but let me give you something juicy.. When I went to college, I lived in a dorm. However my school was in mountainous area and they were still renovating the female dorm so we lived in temporary allocation and one room(hall) had ten girls in it. My bed was side by side with H, my friend from high school on the right. And we b......   reply
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Have you guys ever felt frustrated when you see an interesting character in scanlation group's birthday wishes page and cannot find out who these characters are, and which story they are from? You'll try to ask around the website but you won't get the answer everytime you ask? I seriously wish the scanlators will put in captions about character names and manga name in their fan arts. It doesn't have to be too big. Even arial 6 font in the page corner would do. It will help people find more interesting projects scanlated by them. Seeing something you want to read but not even knowing the title of the work is quite hard in searching for them. Scanlators are already doing free labor to help spread the BL stories, it would benefit them more if the readers are attracted by their fan arts and get to know more awesome stories.
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People are doing

want to do thank translation groups

we should all send endless kudos and good wishes to translators, scanners etc. the effort they put in is heroic.

6 hours ago
did thank translation groups

I usually post my thanks to the scans, the feedback is important for them. As translator I know how it is, so I try to be grateful :3

11 hours ago
want to do thank translation groups

Doing fan translations myself, I know how much effort it is. Other translators have motivated me to want to give back to the community too.

14 hours ago