My teacher discussed how a lot history teachers are under qualified to teach, and at one point shared a tale before Spanish colonization of my country; Miguel Lopez De Lagazpi (Spanish Governor/Navigator) was sent to Philippines. He came to the Island of Bohol. At first the natives were hostile for they were mistaken as Portuguese. He built a good relationship with the locals by sending an envoy to speak and clear the misunderstanding and offer gifts to the Datus including Datu Sikatuna (Chieftain). After sometime He sent many of his men to shore to invite the Datu to his ship in order to meet and deepen their friendship, and the Datu was compelled to accept the invitation. They met for the first time and fell in love . They made a 'Sandugo' or blood compact, which at that time more exceptional than that of marriage . And though it was rarely mentioned, it happened behind the first constructed church which was called Baclayon Church which bacla or bakla in our language means gay. He gifted the Datu with a cross and in return the Datu gave him something which no one knows what it was but it was said to be valuable the night before their parting. ˉ”( ⑉¯ །། ¯⑉ )ˉ” (this is me having a nosebleed)
I was excited after hearing this and just wanted to share as soon as the class was over. I didn't know if it was true or not. Everyone's welcome to share their thoughts except haters.
2017-09-23 22:28 marked
Start reading this:

This just knocked Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation off as my most favourite BL novel.

Adiós, Putas!
2017-09-22 13:39 marked
Wow, the hate is real for 2nd couple's oka here... Σ(  ̄□ ̄||) isn't it more uncalled for?
I'm sorry but i don't think you guys are getting the whole concept of the story...
First, I don't like it when women (or in this case men) use "tears as a weapon".Seems like the seme's fishing for sympathy is very much effective especially for women & the readers lol. He's cute tho! and he's such a natural that he doesn't realize he's doing it.
The uke is similar to tsundere types but he's not a tsundere. More like awkward in expressing his thoughts. He wanted to make a point to the airheaded and quite thick seme and the only way he could do it is to stage a breakup. He still loves the seme very much, and is still concerned to his well-being but at this point, the seme is too reliant of him but he wanted the seme to be more independent and think about it all on his own. But it seems like it's still a fail. Though it would benefit both if he just yell it like that at the start but well, it's not in his character and we won't be getting a two-shot if it happened...
So let's get this straightened up. Uke resorted to drastic measures in order to make the slow seme stop undermining his love. Seme make it like the uke's love is shallow but uke wanted to make a point that he loved the seme's WHOLE being and his soul NOT his outward looks. See, even yasuda, the officemates AND you the readers think so. No wonder the guy's so frustrated.
For this couple's sake, hopefully I get that across.
2017-09-21 05:22 marked
Does anyone read any reversi BL, if so do you have a recommendation? I've always been curious about what would happen if there weren't the uke and seme stereotypes present in most yaoi.

2017-09-14 15:42 marked
I will never forgive sensei if the Alpha will somehow be romatically involved with our Omega boy. That alpha seems to look down on omegas and Betas, raped someone and doesn't feel bad. Even if he might turn out better, no! never shall i allow it (/TДT)/
2017-09-14 12:43 marked
He better end up with his beta boyfriend and not that asshole alpha or so help me! (╯°Д °)╯╧╧

Also, Mr. Beta, lay off the quitter talk, alright? None of that "I knew this day would come" shit, we clear? 'Cause I swear to god if you make Yuki cry I am going to kick your ever-living ass straight to Albuquerque. Got that? (╬ ̄皿 ̄)凸
2017-09-14 12:41 marked
I can't be the only one who just can't stand Carol anymore. Alright, I get it, she is different and blablabla. Bullshit.
There are lines in friendship you just don't cross. Ok, maybe she doesn't understand them, as Misuzu and Tomo are her first friends ever.
But exactly because they are her first friends and she knows the loneliness of being alone, why is she being such a f... bitch?
I know that they will keep on being friends, but if she doesn't regret it and apologize sincerely and not that shit cute "sorry" of hers, I will have to think that either the author doesn't understand friendships or I am the one who never got them right.
Like, it's not even funny anymore that act of hers..
2017-09-14 12:40 marked
So Kyosuke request to not lose his memories when they were capturated but at the end he lose them anyway, was that a miscalculation of the boss? and when the boss got shooted Itou seemed to be still amnesic but Kyou didnt. So what happened? and when Kyou requested to keep their memories, what he is saying is that in enchange he will give his life?
And that extra in ch 6 when they are in a hotel, when happen? It cant be when they have eloped cause the only night they have sex was in the warehouse over that mountain of money, right? but if it is when kyousuke was still a prostitute why he behave like that? he didnt realize and give voice of his feelings after he quit his job.
Very sorry for the drag but if someone wanna help me to understand it it would be great. Im thinking of this over and over because has impacted me very hard, im so overwhelmed.
2017-09-14 12:37 marked
No words can explain im so happy thank you sensei for this final chap bet them...
2017-09-14 12:36 marked
Because Tasha is Edea's reincarnation, they're essentially falling in love with themselves. Because that's basically a single soul falling in love with itself.
2017-07-04 12:04 marked
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“Judge me only on what I say!” Anon cries. Me, I, only I, I am. Except, that requires individuality, and anon has already eschewed that. The soul is missing. The fate of his or her contribution to the discussion is undermined by every other anon in that monolith, including those who are demonstrably mentally ill, violent, septic with hatred and bigotry, whiny about privilege, butthurt and with a big ax to grind from being exposed as a dickhead, or just eaten alive by envy, pride and malice.

This is because anonymous indicates something to hide, and people here have seen it all: sock puppet theatre, upvote rigging, baiting people into religious/anti-religious intolerance, suppressing dissent, threats of doxxing. It doesn’t matter if anon has clever words or things of value to share. Anon hides from light and exposure, so all worth is lost.

“Everybody on this site is Anon.” Anon blusters. Yes, but no. After time, we get to know each other and get a sense of what to expect. We notice who just signed up, who hasn’t read any manga, who only ever posts during peak troll. Whereas you …

Even if you know your views are unpopular and will probably set off a shitstorm, sign up and sign in before you post them. Otherwise, you’re just ….
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Inspirationals ф Too close to home

landed and bullseye.
inspirational lines
relatable scenes
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does anyone know of a manga that sound like this.its a yaoi and a yuri manga and there is a brother and sister who are gay are told by there parents to marry someone but thet decide to marry each other parners so the sister marrys the brothers partner and the brother marrys the sissters partner
2016-03-30 08:38 marked

Horror/Gore pics (Not for everyone!!)

All pictures belong to their respective owners! :)
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HI!!!! so, who also loves BL NOVELS here? actually i have read tons, well not as many compared to all the BL mangas I've read (i'm quite picky so i only read the ones that are up to my taste) I just finished reading this BL novel a day ago and so i'm so so hang up on it. i really like historical themed bl novels <3 where there are wars princes and kings, enemies kingdoms turned to lovers, hidden identities, intelligence, sword fightings, ya know. Do any of you read BL novels too?
2016-03-03 21:01 marked

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