Soft-hearted Takashi got caught up in a love game of the playboy, Kurose, all because he happened to...

  • Author: yamakami riyu
  • Genres: School Life / Yaoi

Playboy (seme)
He seduced the mousy freshman w/ low self-esteem. MC (uke) is a boring and naive guy who only lives behind the shadow of his elder bro the school idol.
Uke found out that it's all just a game. Angry at seme & his elder bro, he took revenge by sleeping w/ sensei.
Seme reap what he sow. Regretted what he had done but it's too late.
reencounter months after & tried his best to say sorry and "I love you"

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So guys i checked the novel. According to what I can read with my limited nihongo, they say in the story that the little boy is twelve or thirteen. Just keep that in mind if you read this. ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ ...and i don't see any time skip happening so far.

Spin-off series of Konya mo Nemurenai. The story takes place immediately after the last Konya chapte...

  • Author: Yamamoto Kotetsuko
  • Genres: Comedy / Supernatural / Yaoi

#shortie seme-endou doing the "kabedon" LOL. working hard on that height difference. ^.^
A direct continuation of the last story about demons being summoned to the human world to make a wish. Endou couple going strong while the verde couple need to consummate their relationship despite the cockblock happening all the time.

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ur-so-not-typical-fudanshi // p.s i just put i already read when i love the manga so much LOL

2 days ago

Shy freshman college student Rikiya knows he likes guys, but has never been in a relationship, only ...

  • Author: yamamoto kotetsuko
  • Genres: Comedy / Romance / Supernatural / Yaoi

Their explosive meeting is worth a thousand laughs. Rune used to teleport to the human got activated because of sperm lmao. So uke let the little demon stay in his house.

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My teacher discussed how a lot history teachers are under qualified to teach, and at one point shared a tale before Spanish colonization of my country; Miguel Lopez De Lagazpi (Spanish Governor/Navigator) was sent to Philippines. He came to the Island of Bohol. At first the natives were hostile for they were mistaken as Portuguese. He built a good relationship with the locals by sending an envoy to speak and clear the misunderstanding and offer gifts to the Datus including Datu Sikatuna (Chieftain). After sometime He sent many of his men to shore to invite the Datu to his ship in order to meet and deepen their friendship, and the Datu was compelled to accept the invitation. They met for the first time and fell in love . They made a 'Sandugo' or blood compact, which at that time more exceptional than that of marriage . And though it was rarely mentioned, it happened behind the first constructed church which was called Baclayon Church which bacla or bakla in our language means gay. He gifted the Datu with a cross and in return the Datu gave him something which no one knows what it was but it was said to be valuable the night before their parting. ˉ”( ⑉¯ །། ¯⑉ )ˉ” (this is me having a nosebleed)
I was excited after hearing this and just wanted to share as soon as the class was over. I didn't know if it was true or not. Everyone's welcome to share their thoughts except haters.

1-2) Yuuma has psychic powers, and recently it seems, a spirit has possessed his body for the purpos...

  • Author: fuzuki atsuyo
  • Genres: Yaoi

#bickering couple.
ch. 8: Despite being adults/salaryman oneshot, it's adorable, hehe. #bully seme x #naive/cute uke. #already going out when the oneshot started. uke is being jealous when his favourite sparring partner seems to drift away from baseball and is going to soccer matches w/ another man lately.


  • Author: SACHIMO
  • Genres: Yaoi

plot: 3.5 ǁ uncensored ǁ art: ❺
decensored beautifully. And not just the sex scenes but sachimo's artwork is A+
nice looking cock with good length, sexy slut uke.
One fabulously out sexy tan hunk hiding a broken heart with his slutty demeanor and smiling face. Serious co-worker saw what's behind one day.

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Seinen reader here. Actually, just about anything and everything can be a topic for a seinen magazine and I confirm that this is definitely published in a seinen digest. There has been a few mangas with BL undertones that exists in seinen stories tbh. And trap mangas are outright BL.
It's not the first time that I've seen a topic something this random in seinen there's even that two husband-one wife thing LOL. Seinen can create the oddest slice of life stories out there.

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Start reading this:

This just knocked Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation off as my most favourite BL novel.

Adiós, Putas!

From BangAQUA:Aya, a popular host who works at the club, "Leopard", is known for his good looks and ...

  • Author: ougi yuzuha
  • Genres: Drama / Romance / Yaoi

teacher uke x student seme
19/20yo student seme
#got held back a grade so he's an old high schooler.
▸ vol 2 to vol 4, chapter 17.: Seme is a misguided young man who became a host who plays with women's hearts and milk them of their money. Unexpectedly fell for this prim and proper teacher. Used the boy to had the confidence to break up w/his boyfriend. uke not interested on seme at first. prefers Oji-sans. Treats seme like an annoying brat.
#blackmail by ex-BF.

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literally gave me hope. looks like we will finally see the end of this manga after some years of barenness. so glad it was picked up. guess i'll refresh and pick up with the reading once more.
also, for those who know photoshop and wanted to help speed up this manga they need a cleaner.

*gasp. Hey! isn't that... isn't that...
*excitable jump. ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ
KOKONOE DEAR! I missed you so much! hope you kept on appearing

Asahi is a graduate student, who suddenly had to take care of his older sister’s child Masaki....

  • Author: Matsuyoshi Aco
  • Genres: Romance / Slice of life / Yaoi

akame humor rating: ▁▂▃▅
gag, manzai style.
And not just cute, it's funny too! The punchlines make me chuckle.
Due to circumstances, poor grad student has to take care of his little nephew and then #reencounter a childhood friend who suggested to live together for 2 mos. Less burden in money is welcome but looks like his ass is in danger.

takame like topic of Please, Marry Me!!

Wow, the hate is real for 2nd couple's oka here... Σ(  ̄□ ̄||) isn't it more uncalled for?
I'm sorry but i don't think you guys are getting the whole concept of the story...
First, I don't like it when women (or in this case men) use "tears as a weapon".Seems like the seme's fishing for sympathy is very much effective especially for women & the readers lol. He's cute tho! and he's such a natural that he doesn't realize he's doing it.
The uke is similar to tsundere types but he's not a tsundere. More like awkward in expressing his thoughts. He wanted to make a point to the airheaded and quite thick seme and the only way he could do it is to stage a breakup. He still loves the seme very much, and is still concerned to his well-being but at this point, the seme is too reliant of him but he wanted the seme to be more independent and think about it all on his own. But it seems like it's still a fail. Though it would benefit both if he just yell it like that at the start but well, it's not in his character and we won't be getting a two-shot if it happened...
So let's get this straightened up. Uke resorted to drastic measures in order to make the slow seme stop undermining his love. Seme make it like the uke's love is shallow but uke wanted to make a point that he loved the seme's WHOLE being and his soul NOT his outward looks. See, even yasuda, the officemates AND you the readers think so. No wonder the guy's so frustrated.
For this couple's sake, hopefully I get that across.


  • Author: HIDOU Tei
  • Genres: Comedy / Romance / Yaoi

IT uke x sales seme / Different departments couple
Ch. 3-4: Hahaha, now that's what I call the cool office I wanted to work at. Uke broke up with the super clingy seme and the poor guy can't work properly. He might come off as a cold guy but there is a reason behind his action and it's so sweet. All seme needs to do is to stop crying and figure it all out.
cute and fluffy, already lovers.
out and open couple

*cue shoujo tragic heroine's BGM, LOL. And that 90's artwork OMG. Sensei's humor is so old school


  • Author: HIDOU Tei
  • Genres: Comedy / Romance / Yaoi

sanpaku eyes
✦ straight uke x gentle bear seme. #officemates.
Ch. 1-2, 8: MC badly wishes to settle down w/ a wife and kids. There's one who badly wanted to be his wife tho, but it's a GUY and he's mostly joking. A year has passed and the "joke" is still on but now they even started having sex, as much as it displeased MC. Until the day he realized that kuma's totally not joking at all. MC also realized his feelings at the same time.

Mitsuru is working in the sex industry at a 'Hole Wall Speciality Shop' to get money quick...

  • Author: NAKAGAWA Riina
  • Genres: Drama / Smut / Yaoi

College guy just got reminded of this good friend he had in middle school & as if it's destiny, he suddenly saw the guy again but the other man seemed unhappy about it. And so he got the hilarious and perfect introduction for that hole in the wall shop
Seme is SO Precious. He's caring and understanding but a little bit of an airhead.


  • Author: SAKURABI Hashigo
  • Genres: Yaoi / Comedy

seme x uke x seme
one couple + third wheel
I was taken in by the title since i am into NTRs regardless if it's gay or het smut. Instead, I was greeted with two rivals and one pushover uke. The plot twist that he "thought" he's the one that's going to top his sweet little freshman but got topped instead is amusing tho. About the second seme, he's not actually romantically interested on the uke but he's doing it to piss the first seme off but it seems like he's starting to get attracted now.