Tour Shangri-La

Complete | Nishimura Shuuko | 2008 released

An old read. TBH, I kind of expected this to at least be on par with Go-con since it has the kinky concept of tours w/ escorts and sexual favours similar to Love Mode. Unfortunately, the stories are too short and underdeveloped but among them, I like the last tour and the wolf one. It's cute. The rest are an OK read despite all. ➤☆ 3.5 stars | Synopsis:
Tour Shangri-la is a Special Tour Package that is only known to a few employee. It cost some millions of yen so only the elites could afford it. The concept is to make the client's dream come true and fulfill whatever fantasy they wanted for the whole tour.
{P. 1-40}: President's son x Employee: "the prince" as the women in the office nicknames the son of the president, is MC's(uke) long-time friend and now he is working in their company. However, token bitchy-villain-stepmom want a taste of that stepson ass so she plan to kick out uke by giving him a Shangri-la tour client and fix-up a bad review. Seme got a wind of it and flew to dubai to save his friend and continue his interrupted confession-proposal.
{P. 41-72}: Asada x Young master (#younger seme) @bahamas. The youngest client ever, the tour is a gift from his CEO dad for his college graduation. Concept is (make-believe) lovers. Accidentally saw his dad having sex as part of the paris lovers package and wasn't able to forget it eversince so he suggested this graduation gift. Had some argument bec of what he found out from 7 yrs ago. Seme doesn't want this to end just as a tour tho. Uke disappeared but a few months he actually quit being a tour guide to work at seme's company.
{P. 73-104}: Aniki, the tour guide x Housei (seme): Concept is Lover's 5-day outing. This guy must be pretty rich to buy the shangrila package three times for a year now. #non-related brothers through marriage. #age gap of 8 years. #older uke. 5 years ago obsessive seme defeated his nii-san in a #biker gang competition just to have him. Used the duration of the tour to reminiscence and convince the older one to come back. What seme didn't know is aniki also likes him but is denying it out of guilt.
{P. 105-136}: Tabuse, the new tour guide x Kashii-san: Personal chef concept @Milan. A chef who wanted to experience more of the world to improve his cooking decided to be a shangri-la tour guide. However, He was surprised to see his dream employer, the guy who inspired him to do more as his client for the tour.
--------ɫ ⬧ ɫ--------
Safari, Anthro oneshots unrelated to shangri-la tours.
{P.137-177} rare white werewolf x mixed-human werewolf: 5 years ago he gave up the dreams of family when he had the chance. Now, Mc(uke) is your everyday, ordinary teacher, except that his mate from the mountains was able to find him and revealed that he's actually a half werewolf. The truth is, he is trying to push the seme away and run to this human town thinking it's for the seme's best interest. Half of it also is because he was bullied and threatened by the ditzy female wolves of their tribe.
{P.188-end} Ioromote cat x vet : I'm loving this boy already. His cat form is so cute and fluffy. The student who is also a cat who saved half-werewolf sensei has his own story. He's living w/ a vet passionate about his race & also keeps his secret. There's a stray cat whom he fears would replace him as the house cat so he's distressed and out of all days his heat/mating season arrived.

K-Sensei no Furachi na Junai

Complete | NATSUMIZU Ritsu | 2000 released

⟫ K-sensei no Yajuu na Aijou > K-sensei no Yaban na Renai > K-Sensei no Furachi na Junai > K-Sensei no Himitsu no Netsujou
|| From the last volumes I'm not feeling it but in this volume I had a "it's starting now" sexy time is for realz.
The problem with K-sensei is it has the potential to be a great smutty series but it lacked proper foundation. It started as a true-blue yaoi and only after then it picked up on the plot. If it's like that it should be done in one big series, not divided into separate tankoubon which insinuates separation... a conclusion then a sequel. It makes the story more disjointed. Oh well. As least it as redeemed itself in this third volume and I'll be waiting for more episode.
Ch. 6: hot and smutty drunken sex. midori being careless and got drunk thorugh meeting all the writers.
--------ɫ ⬧ ɫ--------
@ch. 5.5: Once again, the re-appearance of the Ai-series characters. The two ukes are being cute friends.
-- Later half: Another Yamada-kun and Section chief shortie.

Yuri!!! On Ice Dj - Anchor

Complete | at the trap cellar (yotsuzi) | 2016 released
2017-09-23 23:04 marked

fluffy victor x yuri supernatural oneshot. they visited that shrine where there's an endless row of red torii.
middleschoooler!victor time-travelled through "oumagatoki" and met present-day yuuri.

Principle (Side Hentai)

Complete | SACHIMO | 2000 released

Ohh new sachimo manga. One fabulously out sexy tan hunk hiding a broken heart with his slutty demeanor and smiling face. Serious co-worker saw what's behind one day.
TYVM Exile for the amazing decensoring.
UPD8TD SYNOPSIS: ch.1=uke POV, ch.2=seme POV. First chap is pretty much straightforward as the uke expresses what his likes and dislikes. Then as the story progresses, seme goes back and forth the past and present w/c shows that he's getting attracted to the uke after seeing his crying face. Seme knew through interrogating the funny and blunt co-worker that he never gets serious with anyone so he paid that electrician when he saw that he's going to be yamashiro's next target. BTW Seme is playing mind games with me. what's with his enigmatic sentences? LOL. He lied about his age and virginty too. So the one night stand happened and as arranged, seme arrived and he was able to have sex with yamashiro once more. As per sachimo style, that last phrase was said by both so it seems even the uke took interest on him so we got our mutual love #open-ended happy ending.
Plot twist: Mr architect is actually a lawyer lol and is just working for the construction company. Maan, this guy is so full of mystery haha.
#wizard: it's a moniker for 30-yo virgins among the japanese netizens. And it's not exactly a flattering term. That nickname is going on for at least 15 years? It's NOT a literal mythology in case someone is feeling lost LOL.
☆ 3.5 stars. I need to reread to figure these two guys out. Smut is flawless tho.

Kizudarake no Hakoniwa

Complete | MAKI Masaki | 2016 released

Nice artwork! (Seme loves biting & violent sex. Are u me? LOL no psycho tho) Seme targets uke but uke is impressive for not getting carried away nor make it easy for the seme.
UPDATED SYNOPSIS: An infamous second-year transferee blackmails Yuito(MC/uke) out of the blue w/ PHOTOSHOPPED pictures. His first time greeting? dragging uke to some secluded part of the library and bite him. HARD. MC was able to successfully stop the smear campaign by agreeing to the condition of letting seme cop a feel. Out of the blue, seme suddenly confessed. And as much as Yuito tries to deny what he feels, it seems like he's slowly falling for this creep. But hell, he won't go admitting his feelings just like that without a fight.
Meanwhile, despite the fact that the seme is a sexual-harassing perv, he's kinda cute in school frequently visiting Yuito's class and bringing lunchbox everyday. At first, he thought he could use this ordinary guy to fool around with since sempai (uke) looks like the type that he could freely pour his violence/sexual frustration on to. (Thus the blackmail part). However, he didn't expect to see the older boy's good side and like it. And he didn't expect he'd fall inlove for reals. Now he has fallen, he wanted to be gentle but it's all too late.
dub-con (but both were already inlove with each other secretly but that doesn't erase the fact that it's rape...)
#smutty, censored.
#younger seme. uke older by one year.
nice friendship! i'm amazed at uke's friends, they obviously support the pair's lovey-dovey couple life. it seems they are not adverse on the fact that their friend is dating a guy (uke is doubtful but i do think they understand what's going on)

Family Simulation!!

Complete | Matsuyoshi Aco | 2000 released

@sept update: Finally finished all in one big release! (๑•ㅂ•)و✧
Ch. 1-3 & 7: New manga that's SUPER CUTE!. Due to circumstances, poor grad student has to take care of his little nephew and then #reencounter a childhood friend (whom he had an "unusual" past with) after a decade at least. Decided to live together for 2 mos to save money but his ass is in danger!. #kind, caring seme x housewife-y uke. .//.
ch. 4-6: University lab romance. I thought the first story is funny but this one is funnier! I'm dead at the handsome weirdo's antics. His weirdness is so amusing especially how he pursues the creeped-out younger seme.
SYNOPSIS: Now that he's started doing his thesis, Soushi has been working hard. Truth be told, their lab's most brilliant student is a big help to him it's just that the guy is kind of... weird and creepy. And it seems like Takami enjoys perving at him he don't know whyyy.

Too Drunk to Hard-on

Complete | Katou Teppei | 2017 released

Oh my, what a pretty cover. Looks delicious. #sex toys #revenge rape that ended up not rape at all. As it says, "YOU CAN'T RAPE THE WILLING" lmao.
SYNOPSIS: One boss is pretty down and disappointed w/ his divorce and erectile dysfunction. His cheerful subordinate has recently became his happy place and make him believe that there's hope for trusting people. However he overheard the same guy and another gossiping employee making fun of his ED behind his back. Incensed, he planned a revenge.

Ochita ri sei | Loss Of Reason

Complete | Natsuiro Otome,NAKAGAWA Riina | 2000 released
2017-09-19 20:58 marked

I was: "WHAATTTT!!?? Ok another mind break here folks. Is this going to be a trend?
DIDN'T EXPECT IT FROM THE CUTE ARTWORK. The cover! it's a trap people!!!. On second thought, I should have suspected something when I saw knights.
True-blue yaoi, definitely lives up to the yamanashi, ochinashi iminashi meaning.
Recap: A commander of knights wanted to personally investigate a problem in a certain town and his missing men. #Incubus occupied a city and turned certain people into sex slaves including the knights sent way earlier. Commander tried fighting but can't resist in the end.

Sengoku Musou dj - Depth of Underskin

Complete | GD,IZUMI Yakumo | 2006 released
2017-09-19 19:51 marked

AMAZING art is bit similar to the legendary Blade of the Immortal even though it's just a DJ. The action scenes are so attractive & detailed. I appreciate it so much bec it's rare in BL. But the rape scene is censored AF w/c made it confusing so imma dock 1* (DETAILED PLZ). Otherwise, manly roughhousing sex is so YUM. #aphrodisiac #rape #implied bestiality
I'm already familiar with the Tokugawa vs fuuma clan stories so I'm not feeling lost even if I haven't watched this anime. Seems like it's only at season 1 so I'll be DL-ing it now hahaha.

Wasps and Butterflies

Complete | suptzer | 2000 released
2017-09-19 19:19 marked
Tags: webtoon

meh. won't bother doing a synopsis. done in webtoon format. tried to be mysterious with that stylistic storytelling but failed to be effective. looks more like an indie-published onehot to me TBH.
#crossdressing #mystery #smut

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