The only thing I can remember is that the seme is rich. When seme and Uke first met, the uke talk to the seme and gave the seme a condom. The Seme though the uke is after him for money, so the seme kissed him i think.
Sorry that's all I can remember T_T I've been looking for hours now
2017-03-02 07:03 marked
ok my fellow BL lovers. im in search of a manga. i do not know the name however i have a detailed description of it. if you know please let me know! :D

I really want to read a yaoi manga with an uke who has always
been bullied. The seme is a popular guy in their school. The
one day, one of the seme's friends has a bet with the seme
that the seme can make the uke fall in love with him and have
sex, or even proof that the uke gave him a blowjob (they bet
on money or something). Then the uke really falls in love
with the seme, but the seme takes a picture of the uke
sucking his dick and gives the photo to his friend. His
friend circulates the picture around school, and the uke gets
bullied even more. The uke is a person who is a orphan who
lives alone. The seme is the son of a politician and the
chairman of the school.
2017-01-23 02:30 marked

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