For people saying the story feels incomplete or are very unsatisfied with there not being much story, hopefully we will get a season 2 because there is a lot more to be uncovered. Like Ginger's hybridness, Daddy Angel, the prophecy dude, etc...

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I understand Japan has different norms and they value appearance and formality and such but... why does it seem parents are afraid to find out the truth about things? I don't want to say "all japanese parents are this and that-" but I find in a lot of Japanese media (manga, anime, books, movies) that parents seem to value society's view of their kids, instead of actually helping their kids. I think this can apply to alot of Asian countries, as well.

I like how this came as soon as I bought the chapters haha. Not mad, glad to support the artist! I really hope Season 2 comes soon, though!

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I hate you raw readers. Gotta have us faithful english readers getting hyped the fuck up for a chapter that we won't see until next month. ( T﹏T ) Like bruh. Then I have to live in a state of ANXIOUSNESS until that chapter comes out. Fuck! I don't wanna wait 5 weeks for chapter 32! Dammit.

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When you're wondering how in the fuck does him getting his ass rammed into help him have sex with girls but then you realize you don't care because the smut is saucy af.

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I'm emotional at the fact idk what emotion I should have rn

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Oh man! where's 27?! I'm dying

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Yaoi that has scenes where the uke is getting rammed while taking a phone call (or trying to talk normally to others who are unaware of the state of his ass)

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I never trust a hoe that can wear a full suit while still fuckin'. Shady as hell. But his thrust game on point so its cool.

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yaoi with DOUBLE penetration? *evil laugh*. I've already read strawberry chocolate vanilla.

C4NDY924 answered question about get yaoi manga book
My mom and friends know. My mom accidentally tumbled upon a pretty smutty yaoi (Kuroneko Kareshi :-p) after I fell asleep reading it on my phone. She didn't get mad, just questioned me about it lol. We later strengthened our bond by watching Death Note and we both shipped Light x L :-). My dad doesn't know, but he's not homophobic or dismissive of ......
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Alright, I just finished reading this. I don't really understand why there is so much fuss going on. This is normally a manga I'd quit after the first chapter and then...MOVE ON. I understand people don't like rape but after chapter one, its pretty obvious what the manga would be about. If you decide to continue it...then that's kind of on you? Plus there's the tag so... I hate to be the one to say "don't like it don't read it" but this manga is very easily avoidable. The rape didn't happen out of no where, it STARTED off with rape, so if rape isn't a element you like, it could've easily been avoided

Hnnnggg!!! I just bought and read the final chapters on Lezhin and I am THOROUGHLY pleased.

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Holy shit. Never even heard of the manga, but because of the comment war going on, I will read it now. Thanks.

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Hyung throwin' shade was the hottest thing istg. Their chemistry is sexy and funny (in a good way) at the same time. Also was Nam-whateverthefuckhisnameis stalking Noona? Fucking creepy.

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First I'll start by saying...I don't understand these questions. Obviously it has something that readers/fans love, whether it appeases to you or not. People have different tastes. (I for one don't care much for Killing Stalking but I can definitely see why others are fascinated by it). Secondly, I don't particularly like Ten Count (anymore) but I ......
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I hope the next chapter features them trousers, tho.

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I mean, I already had fucked up interests/fetishes before Harada. But I think Harada made me even MORE open to fucked up stories? It's kind of crazy how she (or he?) manipulates the readers. Like in the recent manga Nii-chan, you almost forget who the bad guy is, or you start feeling sorry for him, even though he is typically a character that shou......
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Everyone in this manhua is a goddamn bastard and I love it.