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Anybody reading the Korean raws? Does it get better, like for the uke? Does he still keep contact with the good boyfriend, or does he kinda disappear? Really debating on reading this one, because I want there to be more than just rape.

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I wonder is the mangaka got tired of this series or if her editors told her to wrap it up, because the last couple chapters were so rushed.

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Alright guys, it was nice knowing ya. I can die happily now. Play my fire ass album at my funeral.

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Haven't read the new update yet but....I'm getting so impatient with this lol. IDK if the 2 main guys are supposed to end up together or if this story is just about how they maintain their relationships separately. Seems that there's been no kind of romantic teasing between the two ┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍

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Lezhin needs to stop with these new BL series they have. It's like they are doing a stealth attack on my wallet.

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Pretty sure Zhan likes Jian Yi on an almost toxic level. He's just so tsundere about it MOST of the time. Remember that chapter where he almost fucking rampaged on those innocent girls because he thought they were talking about Jian Yi? And then there was that really fucking intense moment in chapter 156. Zhan ain't oblivious and neither is he as pure as most people see him as. I think Zhan is a darker character than what is seemingly portrayed.


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Ever notice how Jian Yi does a gag whenever Zhan asks/says something serious that pertains to Jian Yi? I got a more ominous feeling reading this chapter than a happy/comical feeling. Its as if he is either trying to protect Zhan by keeping him in the dark, or he is just so traumatized/saddened by his past and backstory that his only defense (atleast around Zhan) is distraction by comedy relief.

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If any translator-sama can send me links to their translation of this beauty, I'd be so happy. Hell, I'll buy the legit chapters on comica if they want me to. I just want the english story!

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I read this on mangago just for the dicks XD

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So is this like a..."shippy" manga? Haven't started it, but it seems really popular.

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In the mood for some slick and sleek black hair characters. Can be uke or seme, preferably both. Would also prefer if one of the characters was like rich or high class in a way (office worker/business man is good too).

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If you like slutty/manipulative ukes and devious semes, check out the new series on Lezhin, Unfather. It's saucy af.

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For anyone that has been keeping up on Lezhin, have they met up in real time yet? I was buying the chapters a while back, but I wanted to wait and bulk read it when they finally meet up/

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Damn, thought it was a reupload with a better translation

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TBH, I'd rather the story be if Sungho wasn't raped. And instead he was just coerced into sex and now he wants revenge for it. If the story was made so that Sungoho was legitimately raped in the past, I feel like it would take away the evilness of Sungho now. Instead of Sungho just being a fucked up person (which is how it should be), he's doing all these things to get back at MC which makes the rapes... less evil?

I hope that made sense

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Does anyone have or know where I can find a photocopy or scan of those 2 chapters from Spring in the Heart? Ik it got cancelled but I really loved the art and would like to treasure it

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My first crush was that tall black haired guy from Ouran High School Host Club. My current crush is Suguro from Ao no Exorcist. Like you, Idk why I can't move on lmao.
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Does anyone know where I can find those two chapters of Spring in the Heart? Like if someone copied it somewhere? I really liked the art in it :-(

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Lezhin really tryna take all my paycheck with these new yaoi manwhas they adding XD