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Why don't omegas carry mace (pepper spray)? Wouldn't that make things a bit more... logical?

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And then they fuck each other to a happily ever after. The End.

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Haah... Looks like imma need to rewash my bed sheets.

P.S: I told y'all Woojin put a tracking device up Taemin's ass.

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Mmm... a tsundere uke who gets aggressive reeeaallly gets me going. I think I'm one of the rare ones who actually really likes his personality. Its shitty, yeah. But so am I.
I bet there will be a rumor about Yocchan's marriage interview in the next chapters so there will be some major development for Kenji then!

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I'm glad that the rape was reconciled and not forgotten or glossed over like in most yaoi.

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Haaahh... just one more kidnapping + heartbreak to go ╥﹏╥... I wonder if after Jian Yi is kidnapped for the final time, Old Xian will do the story more on He TianxDon'tCloseMountain. I hope so!

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This chapter was so cute and funny! They're all so dorky in their own ways! I'm still dying at how Ginger and Rum were so nonchalant about Ginger admitting he'd lock Rum up (≧∀≦). I'm a little confused though. Rum said his natural instinct was Selflessness. Isn't he a demon, though?? Selflessness doesn't sound very demonic/bad.

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Can't remember the title. It was a yaoi where the uke was trying to make the seme fall in love with him for revenge but he ended up just falling in love with him. Ik alot of yaoi mangas have this plot but if it helps, the uke had black hair. I think there was a part where the seme thought the uke was dating his friend and asked the friend to hand him over.

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I never thought of it as shameful for girls to watch porn. I've been watching it since I was about 10 or 11. My friends are also open about it and what not. Maybe that's just because my friends and I are a pretty individualistic (aka weird lol). I hear some girls get mad about boyfriends watching porn and I've never understood that lol

Is the author trying to rewrite the beginning? Seems like she is trying to portray Junta in a better light because of how the beginning was. Because in the start, it came off more as if the uke barely knew him.

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I would be fangirling but Kyon's asshole is probably gonna get brutalized with thrusts of angst and jealousy that night- oh nvm that's a great reason to fangirl.

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Guys, people don't just fall in love after having sex with someone. Despite how mindblowing and orgasmic it is. If anything, Jaeha's character and internal conflict is rather realistic.

On another note: Half of y'all might be getting pissed off in the next chapter because drunk Jaeha seems to be a hypersexual freak in the sheets. Me, on the other hand, though I do love Jaeha x Eunho, I also love angst and complication, so I am rather excited.

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1- Uke 2 - Naruto 3- No lube 4- Victor 5- The 'I'm not gay" but failed squad 6- Yaoi squad 7- Back scratching and grabbing 8- Libra (me), Leo, Sagittarius 9- #10 - this is the ONLY one i disagree with! I am a perverted fuck! But I also have alot of Scorpio in my chart so...
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This is the first time I've actually...*ahem*...reacted from a yaoi scene. That sex scene was too hot. That was too hot even for yaoi. Take responsibility, Zaria T.T

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Fellas, find you a girl that will pretend to be scared of a movie you're wussing out on.

On a serious note: I don't believe Jeongwoo will drunk confess, I think its a little too early for that. Although he might say something that could lead one to think he likes Eungi, I don't think it will be anything like "I like you".

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2 pages of story, 18 pages of lemme-ride-your-dick-into-the-sunset-and-let-you-creampie-my-asspussy.

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Ricepunch hasn't updated this, HateMate, Warehouse, or her tumblr T.T I hope she is doing okay.

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Maannn....Power ukes are the bane of my existence (▰˘◡˘▰)

I also love how we got Rum's POV. It was so cute, and filled in a few holes that was kinda missing as far as Rum's feelings. Its adorable to think that they always loved eachother but were too dorky to confess haha

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Mood: Uke that is so intimidated/scared by seme that he cries