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My mom and friends know. My mom accidentally tumbled upon a pretty smutty yaoi (Kuroneko Kareshi :-p) after I fell asleep reading it on my phone. She didn't get mad, just questioned me about it lol. We later strengthened our bond by watching Death Note and we both shipped Light x L :-). My dad doesn't know, but he's not homophobic or dismissive of ......   reply
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First I'll start by saying...I don't understand these questions. Obviously it has something that readers/fans love, whether it appeases to you or not. People have different tastes. (I for one don't care much for Killing Stalking but I can definitely see why others are fascinated by it). Secondly, I don't particularly like Ten Count (anymore) but I ......   2 reply
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I mean, I already had fucked up interests/fetishes before Harada. But I think Harada made me even MORE open to fucked up stories? It's kind of crazy how she (or he?) manipulates the readers. Like in the recent manga Nii-chan, you almost forget who the bad guy is, or you start feeling sorry for him, even though he is typically a character that shou......   1 reply
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19. y.o. demisexual straight black female. I live in North Carolina. I'm a college sophomore but still have no idea wtf I'm gonna do in life. Started reading yaoi at around 14, and it's been a hell uhva ride, fam. Also, I'm studying abroad to Japan next year so WOOP WOOP for endless doujinshi!!   reply
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Welcome all perverted fujoshis and fudanshis. Simple question. 

I think my favorite is missionary tbh. Yes it is a "boring" position, but I love when my seme and uke have that DIRECT eye contact. I'm also a fan of standing doggie. I also like when they do it in public places, my favorite being the office, where my seme and uke have a chance of getting caught. What about you, fellow perverts?    ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄
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want to do first kiss

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did nicknames

My family calls me Em, EMK but for some odd reason my grandma used to call me Tilly plop. My friends call me El though.

1 days ago
want to do get yaoi manga book

I really want to... but I can't buy it because I'm still stuck in my country... Must be good if I have any relatives in Singapore...

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