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I speak Filipino and English. I could read Hangul but can't understand shit lol. I could also read and understand basic Japanese. Our school had a Chinese subject back when I was grade school. I loved copying the Chinese characters, but now I barely remember anything. Chinese characters are very difficult to remember.   2 reply
07 01,2017 03:19
It took me such a long time I could be considered a house furniture.   reply
29 08,2016 12:39

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My elementary and high school classmates know. Now that I'm in uni, no one knows but this one classmate who randomly told me how awesome yaoi is lol.   reply
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I don't even know, the only thing I'm sure of is that I'm very interested in tsundere types lol   reply
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Switch. Dominant seme and dominant uke. I like being in control lol Unless my partner is amazing as hell then sure   reply
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I've only listened to a few, but I could never forget Tatsumi (Koisuru Boukun) and Tatsuyuki (Yondaime Ooyamato)'s moans. LIKE OH DEAR GOD   1 reply
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People are doing

want to do first kiss

Still waiting

8 hours ago
did nicknames

My family calls me Em, EMK but for some odd reason my grandma used to call me Tilly plop. My friends call me El though.

1 days ago
want to do get yaoi manga book

I really want to... but I can't buy it because I'm still stuck in my country... Must be good if I have any relatives in Singapore...

1 days ago