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I speak Filipino and English. I could read Hangul but can't understand shit lol. I could also read and understand basic Japanese. Our school had a Chinese subject back when I was grade school. I loved copying the Chinese characters, but now I barely remember anything. Chinese characters are very difficult to remember.   2 reply
07 01,2017 03:19
It took me such a long time I could be considered a house furniture.   reply
29 08,2016 12:39

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Totally just because I'm bored lol 1) Seme. Yep. ;) 2) Sasuke (was lowkey hoping for a Death Note or Shingeki character tho lol) 3) "b-but we're both guys..." 4) Yuri from YoI 5) The one who fell in love with senpai (is actually kinda true lmao whyyy) 6) Yuri squad (i'm okay with yuri but sorry i still prefer my naked male buttseks) 7) multiple or......   reply
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I'm usually reading yaoi (like, if I'm not reading student stuff, I'm just reading yaoi lol), but I'm perfectly fine with yuri.   reply
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My elementary and high school classmates know. Now that I'm in uni, no one knows but this one classmate who randomly told me how awesome yaoi is lol.   reply
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I don't even know, the only thing I'm sure of is that I'm very interested in tsundere types lol   reply
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People are doing

did read 1000 manga or more

I've been using the allmangasreader extension to read manga for years, so I have a record of most what I've read, which is over 2500.

1 hours ago
did read 1000 manga or more

15 years and counting fujoshi. lost count and is trying to find all those forgotten titles but compare to then, I find it hard because job.

3 hours ago
did playing piano

I started to play when I was 8 and years later here I am playing anime op/ed and now learning to play the cello.

1 days ago