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I speak Filipino and English. I could read Hangul but can't understand shit lol. I could also read and understand basic Japanese. Our school had a Chinese subject back when I was grade school. I loved copying the Chinese characters, but now I barely remember anything. Chinese characters are very difficult to remember.   2 reply
07 01,2017 03:19
It took me such a long time I could be considered a house furniture.   reply
29 08,2016 12:39

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There was this test that I studied really hard for, I studied until early morning. Then when I was taking it, I didn't know that the exam questions were back to back until 5 minutes before the exam ends. I still passed that subject though, surprisingly. lol   1 reply
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I wouldn't want to have any kids, but if I do have one and they come out to me then I'd be perfectly fine with it. Fuck norms, as long as my child isn't hurting anyone, I'm good.   reply
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I don't find it appealing. I'm a single-minded person and I just couldn't see myself in a healthy, "married" relationship. I've told my mom and an aunt about it and they gave me weird looks and asked me weird questions I don't consider persuasive. Maybe if I meet someone who'd make me think otherwise, I'll consider it. But as of the moment, it's......   reply
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Even if my brain always have perverted thoughts, I'm actually asexual.   1 reply
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