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I speak Filipino and English. I could read Hangul but can't understand shit lol. I could also read and understand basic Japanese. Our school had a Chinese subject back when I was grade school. I loved copying the Chinese characters, but now I barely remember anything. Chinese characters are very difficult to remember.   2 reply
16 days ago
It took me such a long time I could be considered a house furniture.   reply
29 08,2016 12:39

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Still a virgin and might forever be a virgin because I want to fuck men in the ass even if I have no dick.   3 reply
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No, honestly, I'm not scared of death. What I'm scared of is knowing that the people I left will have this suffocating pain of loss after my death. I'd rather die after everyone I love dies just so they wouldn't experience suffering from losing a loved one. I'm weird like that.   reply
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I have a lot of favorite bands too, but I'm currently a huge Bangtan trash. I also like other groups such as Seventeen, BLACKPINK, Sistar, and GOT7. My ultimate bias is Kim Namjoon, but I absolutely adore all of BTS. They deserve all the love in the world. Anyway hahaha as for Seventeen, my main bias is DK but damn everyone is such a bias wrecke......   2 reply
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Seme. Has a bit of a sadistic streak that shows up every once in a while. Will bottom only if very horny or if partner requests so hard lmao   reply
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People are doing

want to do first kiss

Still an alone potato ;P

8 hours ago
want to do first kiss

I'm still in the closet lmao

10 hours ago
want to do first kiss

I'm a very introverted person and have little experience in love, so I tend to shy away from hugs and little things I crave ;-;

11 hours ago