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  1. Angel Demon
    February 16, 2015 7:42 am

    Can anyone tell me the name of this yaoi manga?

    There was this manga I had read about a short high school boy with black hair.
    He had caught the eye of a tall blonde hair boy (a schoolmate or a classmate).
    They would talk a lot in the school roof top. They started going out as lovers.
    The short kid with black hair is the uke, and the tall kid with blonde hair is the seme.
    But when they entered college the uke was suddenly much taller and manlier than the seme.
    Girls would gawk at the now manly uke. Leaving the seme to seldom grow insecure of their relationship. In their bedroom, the seme and uke would bicker during sex because the tall uke wants to top for once and become a real man. Then the seme tries to push the uke towards a girl he knows in college even though he is worried that he might lose the uke to the girl. But in the end of the story the seme takes up the bottom roll for the uke to loose his virginity and become a man. That's all I remember.

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