MOI? created a topic of Dark Heaven

awww s*********!!!! i thought detective Gorilla had enough brawn to stop Gale! the tricky mudafuka is unstoppable! *jumps* eeek Σ(っ°Д °;)っ

MOI? created a topic of Escape into Oblivion

*stares at Woojin* (⊙_⊙ ) ...are you ok?

MOI? created a topic of Ao no Flag

uh-oh... *nudges Tai-chan* did your father in law find out?

MOI? created a topic of Tomodachi Game

darn... dat was satisfying (≧∀≦)

MOI? created a topic of Hakwonmul

that's right, Junoh! Gitae has always been cheering for you (idiot couple) from the shadows, and you go and look at him like garbage-soon-to-be-picked-up on a Friday morning? *takes out handkerchief* i don't remember raising you to be this vindictive! what happened to my sweet, sweet Junoh! *sniff*

wow, Song... (⊙_'⊙ ) after he stood up for you, you -in all your close-mindedness- ruin his life? and i thought YOU would understand... well, whatever *pushes Kim* don't look at me like that, you're gong to France (i just decided!)

MOI? created a topic of Getsuei

*looks over shoulder* (⊙_'⊙ ) what da heck are all this random stuffs, author-sama? did you make these doodles in your sleep or som--GUH *gets legendarily punched in the gut* y-you didn't lemme finish *cough* i was about to say they were hilarious doodles *sniff* so-sooo cold :'((

MOI? created a topic of Young Good Boyfriend

...there's nothing wrong eating ice cream with chocolate chips cookies... when one's in that time of month... *looks over shoulder* but you're ok, too, even if you don't get a period *frowns* (⊙_'⊙ )

MOI? created a topic of Kings' Viking

*sniff* (⊙_'⊙ ) ...*opens door... slams*

MOI? created a topic of Hakwonmul

(⊙_'⊙ ) you scared the living s*** outta me... how did sweet, sweet Junoh become so evil *takes out handkerchief* i didn't raise you like dat *sniff*

MOI? created a topic of Yuukoku no Moriarty

what's the difference? how do you determine the ideal is just -you're gonna wait and see till the end how it turns out to be? (⊙_'⊙ ) that's kinda irresponsible, Moran... although, if i were you, i'd follow William because i'd BELIEVE that ideal is JUST, and that would be my conviction -which, then again, doesn't differentiate us from the duke, i'd still believe in it

MOI? created a topic of Yoidore Koi o Sezu

this author... making me hungry with two works! TWO! (⊙_'⊙ ) do you enjoy that? huh? that there are no Japanese restaurants near where i can feed the cravings that you caused?

MOI? created a topic of Koi Saku Potager

WTF! how can a cute kitty grow up to be ugly as f***???? *grabs paws* what did you eat? did they feed you steroids? or is it genes? just how d- *gets scratched* w-wait! at least lemme pet you first!!

MOI? created a topic of Three Video Messages
MOI? created a topic of Unfather

what a royal piece of s***... i mean, both are, but the old dude needs to die (⊙_'⊙ )

MOI? created a topic of Raising a Bat

i'm not sorry you felt down the stairs -that's what happens when you go drinking and don't invite me (⊙_'⊙ ) hmph

MOI? created a topic of King's Maker

didn't Wolfgang's mother basically mean, "don't be greedy, and mind your own business"?... so as a "leader", you go and let your followers suffer from hunger rather, just to feed your pride? you're surely not fit to be a king. that's what i thought, until he met Soohyuk (the kid's a smartass), who's pretty much the only ray of hope ( ̄へ ̄)

MOI? created a topic of Kiss wa Dolce no Ato de

yup, he's a bad drunk (⊙_'⊙ ) *snatches rum* that's it for you

MOI? created a topic of Badluck

wait! *grabs foot* you wasted fact#43 (⊙_'⊙ ) *points* someone help me tie author-sama up! we're gonna me her spill... hundreds more facts (● ̄(エ) ̄●)