MOI? created a topic of The Baker on the First Floor

i'd be questioning the one who recorded it, like, "dude, are you a pervert? do you get off listening and/or watching other people doing the nasty -whether they're a straight or gay?!" ( ̄へ ̄) i mean, the whole school knows about this jerk's reputation of copying others' works, why aren't they doing anything about it? dis a****** needs to get f***** in the ass, along with anyone who looks at them and calls them disgusting like it's their business! dude, is YOUR dick what's being sucked? exactly! you're all losers who won't get your sorry-ass dicks and pussies sucked in your lifetime! HA! *pant pant*

MOI? created a topic of Raising a Bat

"y-you took my hand in your hand... w-we held hands! and now... i'm pregnant! take reponsibility" *blush* ain't she just adorable? lol (≧∀≦)

MOI? created a topic of Ghost Wife

what do these jerks think they are! if i were this poor girl, i'd be unable to go to the toilet alone! like, "dude, hold the phone straight, i can't read yaoi if you tilt it! ...that's good! waitwaitwait! this is a good one! *farts* kya~hahahahaha" (≧∀≦)

MOI? created a topic of Warehouse

And there you have it, folks, do not celebrate your little achievements, until the target is throughly knocked out... note to self, some people just refuse to be knocked out the first time...

MOI? created a topic of Noblesse Manhwa

Ack! We lost Frankie! Σ(  ̄□ ̄||) *hides behind Lord*

MOI? created a topic of Deichuu no Hasu

Ah~hahaha well played big bro! With this, you'll never be blamed! I should try dat sometime, like, "i'm sorry big bro, i know it's wrong but... i was seduced into! I knew it was wrong, so i let it, i drove it into wanting to be inside of me! I'm the victim! The beer raped my mouth!" Lol

MOI? created a topic of Hate You, Love You

I hate you! (Please notice me sempai ♡ ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄ )

MOI? created a topic of Genwaku No Kodou

"Yo, gimme more booze!!" If there's a character that can portray me, it'd be Rou lol wait... i must be drunk (⌒▽⌒)

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MOI? created a topic of Tomodachi Game

I knew he was a cold hearted man, but he actually went and did it lol

MOI? created a topic of Warehouse

Translators! You evil doers! This was a very serious ch, and i couldn't stop laughing with the, "cash me outside, how 'bout dah" OOOOMMGGGG!!!! ROTL

MOI? created a topic of Moritat

Aaaahhh! It caught up! It caught up to the present!!!!! Flashbac's over!!!!!!! *gets crushed by cliffy*

MOI? created a topic of Saiyaku Wa Boku O Suki Sugiru

Oh, so! After the knowledge, all the Ikumis (?) From the past committed suicide? ... Σ(っ°Д °;)っ

MOI? created a topic of Glow!

Wait, he was sitting down and i'm guessing he fell to the side, so how did he get that injury again? Was there like some unfathomable gardening tool on the side or something? (⊙_⊙ )

MOI? created a topic of 19 Days

this jerk! who recommends another person for kidnapping!

MOI? created a topic of Peach Love

why would you peel a peach in the first place? (⊙_⊙ )

MOI? created a topic of Nude Model

yep, iliked the punch too!

MOI? created a topic of Fire Punch

WUT?! was it time that cooled your anger now?! just because he's become a pathetic looking man and some brats showed up, are you denying the purpose you kept yourself alive up till now?! remember the last moment you saw your sister alive? yes, she kinda was in lots of pain! PAIN! Togata, tell him off some more! ( ̄へ ̄) although him looking pathetic and all kinda becomes an isntant cock block, so... yah, let's just forgive 'im (not!)

MOI? created a topic of Muddy

pffft how many times have i said not to eat stuff from strangers! ...although, there are places where i myself get fed, it's not someone suspicious... i think... ?