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I've read so many different ones that I've forgotten the titles of the ones I don't like. I don't bother to remember titles unless I love them or unless they've scarred me for life like Killing, Stalking... I have an 'I hate this but I can't stop reading it because it's so intense' relationship with it... (⊙…⊙ ) Or if they're super long and i......   1 reply
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I'm a mix of dandere and kuudere. I know it sounds weird, but it's true. I really like the interactions between tsundere characters and their love interests. I will say, though that I don't think I could handle a tsundere irl. I like the deredere types as long as they're actually smart and not too airheaded. I feel like a lot of them are... (no o......   reply
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I feel like religion itself can be good. It gives you a set of standards and a reason to hope for something better down the road. I don't like it when members (of any faith) put on 'holier than thou' attitudes towards anyone who believes differently or throw people under the bus for stupid past mistakes. Also, some religions can be very cliquish wh......   reply
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I was 21 or 22. Up to that point, I actively avoided yaoi, not because of personal opinions or prejudices, but because the genre just wasn't my cup of tea... Then I discovered Yamamoto Kotetsuko and have since done a 180. Yaoi is pretty much all I read now. ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭   reply
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People are doing

want to do first kiss

Still waiting

8 hours ago
did nicknames

My family calls me Em, EMK but for some odd reason my grandma used to call me Tilly plop. My friends call me El though.

1 days ago
want to do get yaoi manga book

I really want to... but I can't buy it because I'm still stuck in my country... Must be good if I have any relatives in Singapore...

1 days ago