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I'm straight and read mostly bl. My boyfriend sort-of knows what I read, and doesn't seem to have a problem with it. ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭   2 reply
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I have to admit, the first time I figured out what it was, I was like, NO WAY! And I avidly avoided it for the longest time. Eventually, I stumbled across 'Brothers' by Yamamoto Kotetsuko. I didn't realize what genre it was at first, but I read the whole thing to completion, and I was, like, HUH... And it just went from there. Now, yaoi is pretty......   1 reply
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I like reading about relationship dynamics and seeing how the characters develop. I read other genres too, but I find that the dynamics that I like tend to only happen in yaoi. There also seem to be better characters. Plus, I love a lot of the drawing styles.   reply
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1 - Seme (I feel like I'd probably be a seke, but I'll take it...) 2 - L (I friggin' LOVE L!) 3 - Enzai (Had to Google this...) 4 - Yurio (Really? I'm practically a female version of Yuuri K., but whatever...) 5 - The one who got rejected (Nice self-esteem boost...) 6 - Yaoi squad (SWEET!!!) 7 - All of them (...That's a long list of untapped kinks......   2 reply
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People are doing

did not having a boyfriend

I've been single for my entire 21 years of existence and I prefer it more this way anyways ( e u e ).

2 hours ago
want to do live in omegaverse universe

*I don't want to do.

2 days ago
want to do first kiss

idk what this is im ganna read it bye

2 days ago