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Scorpio. So I guess that would make me an alpha, huh? I would want to be kind and affectionate and spoil my omega; but I get the feeling I would come across as the aloof, yet overly-jealous type who jumps to conclusions and we would end up fighting a lot... Self-analysis is scary...   reply
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Kurose Riku! I love him so much!!! I will say that Morinaga Tetsuhiro is a close second!!!   reply
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There are too many!! I don't have just three... I don't even have just three authors... Ten Count is definitely number 1! Hands down! (The art is beautiful and the character combo is unique! Ive never seen another character quite like Shirotani... Plus, I LOVE psychological romances! ALL of Takarai Rihito's stuff is amazing though... Hana no Mizo ......   reply
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If you think about it, most yaoi is told from the uke's point of view. So naturally, you see that more. Sometimes it's from both POVs, but I don't remember a story told from only the seme's POV (off the top of my head. I'm sure they exist though)... I agree though, I hate when they cheat. Whether they are the seme or the uke. Though if it's that th......   reply
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People are doing

want to do first kiss

But not too soon.

52 minutes ago
did first kiss

with my cousin we both wanted to try how it feels to be kissed .we both are girls .

3 hours ago
did first kiss

It's a blur to me.

9 hours ago