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1. Blood 2. The usage of a particular Sex toy (that long thing like a stick they put inside men's penis to block man from cumming) 3. Sex with animals 4. Expresionless uke & seme 5. Seme has big penis and uke has small body and ass (How the heck 'it' can get inside???!!!!) 6. Pee 7.Yaoi with bad art   reply
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'Blue sky complex' type of couple and erotic-(horny)uke with clueless-seme type of couple. Well, basically i am okay with all type of couple that has uke who loves sex, horny, erotic and who is not scared asking for sex (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧   1 reply
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I am still a virgin too (and a girl). I am a pervert, i love seeing people having sex but i'm scared of sex. Imagine, you're naked and having someone touching, kissing and then penetrating your body. It scares me somehow. That's why eventhough i love men (and porn) but i don't want to go further to have a relationship with someone. I think i also h......   1 reply
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Nope. Because i always go into my poker face mode when reading it in front of my parents (and family) or i read it inside my room and make sure my room is always locked. Another reason they never suspect me reading something inappropriate is because i am a girl, in their mind it's impossible for a girl like me to read or see inappropriate things. T......   reply
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24 y/o, straight (sometimes i wonder if i am actually a aromantic/asexual) , female, Indonesian, student, a kpop fan. I've been reading yaoi since i was 19 y/o so almost 5 years. I am glad yaoi exist because yaoi saves me when i feel bad about myself, yaoi makes me happy. My hobby is drawing and i hope i can make a yaoi manga one day (maybe when i ......   2 reply
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midnight_tea 16 11,2016 03:37
I have a friend whose boyfriend read yaoi fanfictions from he was still young. He also once (when he was young) said that he wanted to marry to a male actor.
What do you think? Is this person a closeted gay? 

Is fudanshi actually gay, bi or just a straight guy who just enjoy malexmale story? 

My friend want to ask her boyfriend about his preference but too scared to ask. So she wants to know about this matter.

For fudanshi, please answer these questions Thx ♡
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want to do first kiss

I don't even know when I had my first kiss haha I've kissed a lot of ppl so I don't remember... Lol

1 days ago
did procrastination

It's the only thing on my to-do list that i actually do

1 days ago
did first kiss

just kissed my crush on the cheeks it's not specific but that is the first time I did it.

2 days ago