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When i found a good manga, i kind of forget the time and want to finish it, or when it's not a good one I don't go to sleep until i find a better one...the worst loop ! - and I read it for like 5h in a row until 3 AM - before work or worst - exams. >.< Mangas power ! -.- '   2 reply
11 01,2017 02:09
08 01,2017 22:02
A long time ago, as a .< - so that's one of my shameful memories ^.^   1 reply
08 01,2017 22:02

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Ghoul, because it's easier for them to have food (and some choices -.-') and it seems I'd be able to keep more intelligence. Moreover, what do titants do of their day? I'm a little materialist =P [Note: I didn't read the manga of SnK, so maybe I'm mistaken on some points]   reply
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My name's Marjorie, and I'm a 24 y/o french girl ヾ(`・ω・´)ノ I'm currently living in the south (god, I felt in love with the combo: sea, sun & wind-> cliché). (~˘▾˘)~ Beyond any genre, I live for mangas which are detailed, logical and consistent, and not too fast paced ! Seinen and yaoi (dramas with depth/psychological/supernatural/......   2 reply
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ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Beware of you socks' color ! mouaha-ha mdr - Badass Uke (^◕.◕^) Well, why not i'd say it depends on the day or my mood (aka confidence lol) . i'm not really set on anything yet, so maybe a switch ? - anyway the Theme Song: Kalavinka by BUCK-TICK for this !   reply
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My first anime was Blood+ (god's also when I felll in love with blood things, vampires, etc.) in middle school (around 14 y/o), and my first manga was "Nana", also during middle school.   reply
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Around 17 y/o. While seaching on the internet to widen my knowledge about anime genres (other than seinen and shoujo), I discovored Bocu No Pico (anime). I hated it (the plot, the "shota" thing, the drawings etc.). So, I wondered if there were not anything else better or suited for me.. in the same genre. I finded it while reading mangas, and i'm......   reply
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People are doing

did favorite yaoi manga

Sotsugyousei - so beautiful!~~

1 hours ago
did favorite yaoi manga

My favorite yaoi manga, huh? HUUUUUUU~ So many to choose from! I would have to say 1.Raising a Bat 2.Super Lovers 3. Royal Servant ?

6 hours ago
did favorite yaoi manga

So many Ten Count and Blood bank fans XD I would like to see Raising a Bat and Never Understand as an Anime *.*

13 hours ago