My new drawing I draw it by oil color on canvas size 7050cm The hardest part was drawing the tree
2016-09-16 16:55 marked
Can anyone recommend another website like Mangago? The ads are really annoying now, they're not even pop ups anymore. The entire page is replaced by ad page and if you go back, you will be back to one page before the previous one. and sometimes, you can't even go anymore to the next page because it keeps on redirecting to the ad page.
2016-08-13 00:31 marked
I need help finding this yaoi manga! Its about this boy who really love foreign movies and foreigners. And one day he meets this guy who he thinks is a foreigner (who is actually just half japanese or something) and tries to talk to him in english not knowing the guy actually speaks japanese (cause he is). Please help! It only has like a chapter or 2 translated and is pretty new (or newly translated)
2016-07-14 17:12 marked
I'm looking for any yaoi manga where the seme anally inserts a key inside the uke. I can think of at least twice where I've come across this.

Or maybe I read the same manga twice. Who knows? ┐( -“-)┌
2016-07-12 16:42 marked
Does anyone remember this yaoi?
The uke and seme are childhood friends that are classmate. They do the normal(for yaoi) touch mine I'll touch yours blow me I'll blow you then sex. What I remember is that the uke realizes he's in love but thinks the seme isn't as they are not lovers. There's a part where the uke tells the seme that they should stop and that they should get girlfriends like normal. The seme slaps the uke. And says so you think I'm just going to say yes and that it. Like some dog. I think he yells a few other things and tells the uke to do some sexy( I don't remember what) and says don't worry I won't hit you again. I know they get together after they both realize each other's feelings
Thank you to anyone who reads or answers this
2016-07-09 01:34 marked
2016-06-24 20:44 marked
Natsu! (っ^▿^)
Welp.. Attempted
2016-06-24 20:44 marked
Random~ sorry its side ways XD
2016-06-24 20:44 marked
Kawaii Girl ≧◠ᴥ◠≦
2016-06-24 20:42 marked
Hi guys!!! Please help me find this manga... It's about the uke who will be entering prostitution because his family starts to get poor. Then he asks his friend in school to let him sleep with his cousin(seme) who the uke liked since he was a kid ( I think the seme saved him from drowning) for his first time to be special. The friend agreed and the uke and seme met up in a hotel and they did it. Then the seme financed the uke so the uke would not transfer schools anymore and they become lovers.

Thanks in advance!!!
2016-05-28 07:24 marked
2016-04-23 07:51 marked
2016-04-23 07:29 marked
I really really really really really really ship ((Sakuracry with Kyozana))
AND ((Meo and purrs with Mio)) AND ((I thought you where a toad with ⚣_Holic))
2016-04-23 07:28 marked
Yaoi, Hot temper seme and uke who afraid of seme?
2016-04-19 06:49 marked
HI!!!! so, who also loves BL NOVELS here? actually i have read tons, well not as many compared to all the BL mangas I've read (i'm quite picky so i only read the ones that are up to my taste) I just finished reading this BL novel a day ago and so i'm so so hang up on it. i really like historical themed bl novels <3 where there are wars princes and kings, enemies kingdoms turned to lovers, hidden identities, intelligence, sword fightings, ya know. Do any of you read BL novels too?
2016-04-18 13:03 marked
I am looking for a yaoi about aguy who run away from afriend he love him but after many years he come back to his town because of marriage or some one is dead then they meet but he drug him and him in his car and rape him in the car but I do not remmber the its name
2016-03-11 22:45 marked
Any yaoi where the uke was raped by someone but he don't want to tell to the seme, because he thinks the seme will not like him anymore?
Thanks in advance!
2016-03-03 05:59 marked
2016-02-29 17:51 marked
Watching a movie...
2016-02-29 17:50 marked

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