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my fanart !!! 19 days will probs be the main fandom i post for here.

do i take requests? depends on the air pressure, phase of the moon, how many glasses of water i had that day, and whether or not gas is under $2. idk.

don't remove watermark. let me see any reposting. i will look for u. i will find u. & i will body slam you into concrete

u can usually find anything i post on mangago here: xjapanda.tumblr.com
2017-04-25 04:48 marked
Hey guys the translation group said that if someone wants to buy the magazine and send them your scans they can translate the chapters faster for chapter 10 and 11! I would definitely buy it for them but I don't know which volume of Daria Frontier Work's magazine to buy? Is chapter 11 in Feb or March 2017 edition? Does anyone know??? Thank you!!!
2017-03-19 08:39 marked
my friend asked me if i liked free! and i sad yes and then he was like
friend: did you like that moment when..blah..blah blah...
me: no not really, but did you like that scene where makoto and haru got all hot and steamy!!
friend:no... (⊙…⊙ )
me in thought: "oh shit that was a doujinshi!!"
friend: "slowly backs up"

and another one

i asked my teacher if he was a uke or a seme (yes i did don't judge me please!) and he just gave me that "grin" and then the class started and i was like, "did he just....(⊙…⊙ )"

i also asked it too my other friend and he said "idk uke?" and he's like the tuff guy of my class and i just bursted out in laughter ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ
2016-04-14 14:17 marked
If you were to choose, what would you like to be seme or uke? I would really like to be seme! lol
2016-02-28 09:25 marked
A lot of people seem to have trouble understanding what's going on so I'll try to explain the story the way i think its trying to tell us. You don't have to agree with me this is just what I think the story is about.. But this makes sense to me.

So in the first few chapters the story started with a boy who lived with the devil, but the boy was sick and kept it a secret from the devil. The boy was dead when the devil found him. The devil did not want gone so he used his power. I don't know if he used the original body as a she'll or he made it with his power. The black haired demon likes or loves the blond one and is against it. The first story was about where the eyes came from. When the shell got his eyes he suddenly became an adult who needs the demons energy to live and b an adult. The story would be boring if we did not know how he go to the eyes. The second was about the guy who had no voice. His voice was in the doll. And now we have a story about how he will get his heart or already has it. I think the doll has no heart yet. In between these three stories the main one gets thrown in here and there. Long story short the side stories are explanations on how he got what he needed. The main story he already had the eyes and voice they we're just showing us how the devil got them. If anybody has questions please ask them. Ill try my best to answer them.
2016-02-21 10:19 marked
Sooo I had to draw this as homework. Does it look good? It's the first time I drew a realistic portrait ^^ http://www.mangago.me/home/photo/449445/
2016-01-18 17:18 marked

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