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Remember 2008 ish everyone was making shitty anime AMV's on YouTube, esp to the song "Bad Boy" by Cascada. Found one of a yaoi and I've been hooked since lmao   reply
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For Yaoi it really doesn't matter to me, both are great tbh. But as for yuri, Korean manwhas have left me absolutely s h o o k. Japanese mangas for yuri tend to be mostly be overly moe, high school girls and I'm not into the cutesty school girl genre really. It's okay, but I prefer working older women and college girls. With Korean webtoons coming......   reply
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I've met guys who thought girls masturbating was weird, which makes no sense. I guess all women are supposed to be pure untouched beings or whatever lol But yeah I watch porn from time to time, but I rarely watch straight.   1 reply
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If theyre attracted to another boy then they're not straight, they're bisexual or pansexual. They probably never considered their possible attraction to the same sex because of heavily enforced societal gender roles and homophobia denying and condemning same sex attraction. Before I knew what LGBT+ was, I only allowed myself to like men because y......   reply
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