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I've met guys who thought girls masturbating was weird, which makes no sense. I guess all women are supposed to be pure untouched beings or whatever lol But yeah I watch porn from time to time, but I rarely watch straight.   1 reply
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If theyre attracted to another boy then they're not straight, they're bisexual or pansexual. They probably never considered their possible attraction to the same sex because of heavily enforced societal gender roles and homophobia denying and condemning same sex attraction. Before I knew what LGBT+ was, I only allowed myself to like men because y......   reply
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I wanna know why it got so popular like...? Who just decided one day, you know I'm going have the seme rape the uke and their gonna fall in love at the end. And other did every single mangaka just go with holy shit that's genius gotta imitate And rape to love is so greatly produced and I'm like for what? Like is it really that hard to draw 2 conse......   1 reply
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Low key yes. It's my birthday boo, we can eat McDonald's the day after. If we doing fast food, at least take me to nice fast food place like Five Guys or Chick fil A If he or she did that the sex after better be bomb   reply
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