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stay at home for several days

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Oh fuck I'm a cancer.....If I'm an Omega well then I'mma go live in a really secluded area in the country side build myself a big fortified home have all locks on doors and train dogs to guard the shit outta my ass! (⊙…⊙ )   4 reply
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I would honestly be happy about it especially if I got chicken nuggets and a chocolate shake by don't carry me I can walk by myself like a big girl! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧   1 reply
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I live in northern US and yup nobody really cares if you're gay or not in my area lol there's a guy a grade above me who loves Yuri on ice! And there were several girls a grade below me who keep dating each other for awhile it was incredibly dramatic and kinda funny to watch they kept breaking up and then dating someone else it was confusing and a ......   3 reply
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If it was me I would get a new pet like a cat but that's not a healthy like hell watch a bunch of anime make a list of 10 crazy things u wanna do, do them all and hope you feel better because you did those things?   1 reply
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did learn japanese chinese korean

Did some basic Japanese during college. I only know how to count in Mandarin, and spell my name. No Korean knowledge whatsoever.

1 hours ago
did learn japanese chinese korean

i did took basic Japanese and basic Korean but have returned most back to my teachers hahaha~ chinese is my mother tongue thou...

3 hours ago
did get yaoi manga book

Yaoi/Shounen Ai: Only the Flower knows by Takarai Rihito
It's still my most favorite yaoi manga

5 hours ago