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Well... im my country the legal age for sex is 16 so it would be pretty weird if people are not allowed to read aboult sex when they are old enough to do it themselves. Besides that, kids are often sexually mature at ages even younger than that. They feel sexual attraction just as we do and are curious about their bodies. The legal age is not for h......   2 reply
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Im not scared of dying, but im scared of a lot of things related to dying. Im scared someone will see my search history, im scared someone will see how messy i am when the are forced to clean my room after i die, im scared of pain, im scared of becoming a burden to my loved ones, im scared of wasting away and becoming unable to do stuff. Im scared......   1 reply
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19 year old female panromantic demisexual. Im currently a student in Tromsø, Norway, and its been around 6 years since i started reading yaoi. Yaoi is also the biggest threat to my grades as i constantly read it instead of studying   reply
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People are doing

want to do first kiss

How sad this life is.. *kiss my cat*

1 hours ago
want to do first kiss

I'm still young! I have time.

*scrolls through yaoi manga*

Yep, plenty of time.

2 hours ago
did first kiss

I don't know what counts as a first kiss. When I was on the bus in first grade? Playing spin the bottle in eighth grade? It doesn't matter.

9 hours ago