• Other Title: Shinobu's Pure Heart;
    Author: Yuzuchiri
    Genres: Comedy , Romance , School Life ,
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: 初恋カウンターアタック; Hatsukoi Kauntauatakku;
    Author: Ohana
    Genres: Drama , Yaoi ,
    Summary: N/A
    Latest Chapters:
  • Other Title:
    Author: Warrying Blade
    Genres: Shoujo ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
  • Other Title: 学校 (HANAKUMA Yusaku)
    Author: hanakuma yusaku
    Genres: Comedy , One Shot ,
    Summary: A oneshot from Garo 1995-10.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
  • Other Title: 白衣の王様; Hakui no Ousama; King in a Lab Coat;
    Author: Ayase Retsu
    Genres: Comedy , Sci-fi , Shounen , Slice of Life ,
    Summary: In a certain town exists a laboratory named "King Lab." Living there are genius scientists with too much time and leisure on their hands. One day the culprit of a series of murders arrives at the laboratory and things become even more abnormal.

    A strange dark comedy!
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • School  new

    Other Title: 学校;
    Author: Hanakuma Yusaku
    Genres: Comedy ,
    Summary: A oneshot from Garo 1995-10.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.000
  • Other Title: 初恋カウンターアタック; Hatsukoi Kauntauatakku;
    Author: Ohana
    Genres: Drama , Yaoi ,
    Summary: N/A
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
  • Other Title: A maiden in love with a man-in-drag; 乙女男子に恋する乙女
    Author: shimazaki mujirushi
    Genres: Comedy , Romance ,
    Summary: A 30 episodes short comic by Shimazaki Mujirushi

    Mizuguchi Mayu, a girl who hates men, fell in love at first sight with a... "man-in-drag"!?
    Does she likes "girls"? Or does she likes "boys"?
    Find out in this heart throbbing pure love comedy! (from twi4) 
    Latest Chapters: Ch.4 Ch.5 Ch.3 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Other Title: 真夜中ラブアライアンス;
    Author: MICHINOKU Atami
    Genres: Gender Bender , Romance , Smut , Yaoi ,
    Summary: Case 1: Otoshiana ni HameraretePopular Hiroto uses viagra to be able to have sex with girls. One day a pretty girl approches him and invites for some fun. As he accepts, he does not suspect that he is going to have a big suprise that will make him learn something interesting about himself!Case 2: Pinup BoyMasaki is straight but, because he wanted easy money, started working at a gay bar owned by his uncle. After some issues, he became interested in his coworker, Hajime.Case 3: Yoru mo Hi mo AkenaiThe story of the bar Mama's, Yoshio's, past and his first encounter with Hajime.Case 4: Midnight Love Alliance
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1.5 Ch.1
  • Other Title: 仮面越しに、キス
    Author: mineshima nawako
    Genres: Romance , Yaoi ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
  • Lovely Play  new

    Other Title: ラブリープレイ;
    Author: YAMAMOTO Ataru
    Genres: Romance , Supernatural , Yaoi ,
    Summary: Debuted in Dear+ issue #7 (2017)
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
  • Sneaky Red  new

    Other Title: スニーキーレッド;
    Author: Thanat
    Genres: Mature , Romance , School Life , Yaoi ,
    Summary: N/A
    Latest Chapters: Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Other Title: N/A
    Author: barley tea
    Genres: Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Shotacon , Shounen Ai , Slice of Life ,
    Summary: He is suddenly looking after a child of the devil king? Their story which is a little shameless! 
    Latest Chapters: Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Other Title: クノイチノイチ; クノイチノイチ!; Kunoichi no Ichi;
    Author: KANAZAWA Shinnosuke
    Genres: Comedy , Ecchi , Harem , Historical , Seinen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: On a school trip to shinobi-themed Ninjatown, a young man named Ichi Kuno accidentally springs a mystical ninja trap which sends him back to the Age of the Ninja. Having no other path, he must pose as a girl and infiltrate an Kurenai Academy, a school of kunoichi students, to retrive a mystical scroll that can return him to the future. But when everyone around him is already far better at stealth and infiltration than he could ever imagine being, it's not going to be easy. He'll need to employ his own special bag of tricks, and have a lot of luck, if he's going to last more than 5 minutes surrounded by hot kunoichi girls, every one of whom would happily kill him in a moment if he's discovered.
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: ネクスト・ドア・ハニィ;
    Author: IMAMOTO Jion
    Genres: Yaoi ,
    Summary: N/A
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
  • Other Title: 울프 인더 하우스
    Author: park ji-yeon
    Genres: Supernatural , Mystery , Yaoi ,
    Summary: From Lezhin:<br >After ending an on-again, off-again relationship of 10 years, Minsuk decides to foster a Siberian husky named Bexan to mark the start of his new single life. He canâ??t wait to cuddle with his new furry roommate, take him on walks, and play fetch. But Bexan is no ordinary dog...and when night falls, Minsuk is in for a surprise. 
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
  • Mrs. Papa  new

    Other Title: メスパパ;
    Author: Heaven
    Genres: Comedy , Slice of Life ,
    Summary: Minato’s father is androgynously beautiful. But unfortunately his beauty outranks his IQ–he’s more beautiful than smart.

    Not only that, his flashy sense of fashion also makes him look like a flamboyant member of a local host club. Nevertheless, his fatherly love for his only son knows no bound! And today, he is going to annoy his son energetically to no end, yet again…

    Absurd father-and-son comedy duo BEGIN!

    — Nekyou.com
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: 不能和一条要有任何关系; I will not get involved with Ichijou Kaname; Ichijou Kaname to wa Kaka Waranai; No voy a involucrarme con Ichijou Kaname; Non avrò a che fare con Ichijou Kaname; 条要とは関わらない;
    Author: Misaki Yuu
    Genres: Drama , Romance , School Life , Shoujo , Supernatural ,
    Summary: This series is a painful love story of a return to the past to erase the first love. Ritsu, the main character, goes back to the past to change the future since her lover Ichijou Kaname is going to die and she tries her best to avoid him and suppress her love.
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: 완벽한 교실;
    Author: Ogu
    Genres: Drama , Horror , Mystery , Psychological , School Life ,
    Summary: Two siblings who have brought several secrets along with themselves. With these two as the center of attention, the class gradually begins to change.
    A work that has received 2015 Global Rookie Project Award.

    Original Webtoon: http://comico.kr/titles/2352
    Latest Chapters: Ch.0
Total: 25907