• Other Title:
    Author: Apricot Plus (Circle)
    Genres: Romance , Slice of Life ,
    Summary: Ume-sensei's C74 doujinshi. Includes pages on Monster Hunter and an original manga.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.0(end)
  • Other Title: None
    Author: Suzukura Haru
    Genres: Yaoi , Shounen Ai ,
    Summary: I was always looking at only you. Mitsuru Murakami’s dream is to become a teacher. And during his first day at his training in education, he reunites with the man in charge of him, Kurosawa, who he’s loved since the beginning of his college years. Murakami, who feels he’s disliked by Kurosawa because of the cold stares he receives, loses even his enthusiasm for the training, but makes the decision to push on. However, once he finally starts getting comfortable and having fun teaching students, he is warned, for some reason, by Kurosawa. But as as soon as he is repelled by Kurosawa’s confusing words, Kurosawa…. Kisses him?! A love between a dreaming college student and his sadistic, Spartan teacher.
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: 東のくるめと隣のめぐる;
    Author: Abiko Yu
    Genres: Romance , School Life , Seinen , Slice of Life ,
    Summary: Kousuke has a boring high-school life, but he sits next to his crush--the really popular, cute Tsukahara Meguru, who has a cool, stoic personality. One day, his parents announce that they're moving, but that he'll still be able to attend the same school. The new apartment building has a lovely river and friendly neighbors... and it is next door to where Tsukahara lives! Outside of school, she seems to have a completely different personality, friendly and a little quirky. She makes him promise not to tell the others at school how she acts at home, but why does she put on such an act for her classmates? [tethysdust]
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
  • Other Title: The path of life.;
    Author: Erdev
    Genres: Horror , Psychological , Romance , Slice of Life ,
    Summary: The journey of the life.
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Chaos Theory  new

    Other Title: 混沌之理;
    Author: Qikelita
    Genres: Fantasy , Shounen ,
    Summary: On the planet Shambhala, in the pursuit of The Truth, a group of adventurers start their journey for a Song and a Book. This is their story...

    *Please read from left to right!


    Original webcomic:
    If you like the series, please come to this link to show your support. Higher view count does benefit the author.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.0
  • Other Title:
    Author: Hakumai Ryo,Roga
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Harem , Romance ,
    Summary: Among the class transported to another world, Nagumo Hajime is an ordinary male student who didn’t have ambition nor aspiration in life, and thus called “Incompetent” by his classmates.

    The class was summoned to become heroes and save a country from destruction. Students of the class were blessed with cheat specifications and cool job class, however, it was not the case with Hajime, with his profession as a “Synergist”, and his very mediocre stats.

    “Synergist”, to put it in another word was just artisan class. Being the weakest, he then falls to the depth of the abyss when he and his classmates were exploring a dungeon. What did he find in the depth of the abyss, and can he survive?
    Latest Chapters: Ch.0
  • Other Title: 絶対ナル孤独者≪アイソレータ≫; The Isolator;
    Author: KAWAHARA Reki,Miz22
    Genres: Sci-fi , Supernatural ,
    Summary: August 2019, scientists received extraterrestrial signals warning them of the catastrophes that will hit Earth.

    Following it, various extraterrestrial life forms come into contact with the human species. People who are affected by these energies, called the Third Eye, develop mysterious powers. Some are able to move at the speed of sound, others possess a sword that is capable of even cutting steel, or those who are able to tear absolutely everything apart with their teeth.

    We follow the daily life of Utsugi Minoru, a discreet 17-year-old teenager who obtained the ability he has always desired, the Solitude (code name lsolator), and Yumiko, a member of an organization that monitors these new superhumans.

    However. the prowess given by Absolute Solitude results in endless battles for Minoru...
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: 俺は先輩の何なんですか!
    Author: FUROMAE Ari
    Genres: Drama , Slice of Life , Yaoi ,
    Summary: Komiya's had a crush on Nishiyama, ever since his senpai defended him in front of a bullying teacher. Now, years later, when they meet again, Komiya blurts out about his one-sided feelings in a drunken haze. But Nishiyama replies with a "Sure, I'll go out with you." Is Nishiyama serious or is he just playing around?
    Latest Chapters: Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Despicable  new

    Other Title: 犬も喰わない Despicable Even a Dog Won't Eat It
    Author: Psyche Delico
    Genres: Drama , Psychological , School Life , Yaoi ,
    Summary: Utsugi is an investigator working for a detective agency. When he's asked to track the wife of a college professor, Yamashiro, he discovers that she's cheating on him with another professor from the same university named Okuzono Shuji. But this isn't the first time it's happened. Okuzono has stolen away the women Yamashiro loves countless times before. These intellectuals are embroiled in a twisted and convoluted relationship, and now this young investigator finds himself thrown into the mix.

    How will Pysche Delico's adult love triangle end...?

    Latest Chapters: Ch.8 Ch.7 Ch.6 Ch.5 Ch.4 Ch.3
  • Other Title: ふたりの特別授業
    Author: Hanamori Mito
    Genres: Shounen Ai ,
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.2 Vol.1 Ch.1
  • SSS!  new

    Other Title: SSS! รวมพล คนพันธุ์ เอส!;
    Author: Yamada Yuhmi,Hatsuko
    Genres: Comedy , Mystery , School Life , Shoujo ,
    Summary: Nadeshiko Otemachi’s entire family are killed in a terrorist attack… A few years later, she enters into a military school for the sake of protecting Neo Tokyo. In order to get out of an awkward situation though, Nadeshiko decides to join the S Class, a specialist course for the most elite students in the school. But the S Class, and its S rank members, isn't exactly what she expects. [Niffer]
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: Dawn of Tobari; 明けのトバリ;
    Author: Hyakusen Dori
    Genres: Action , Comedy , Drama , Historical , Supernatural ,
    Summary: To create a paradise where humans and yokai can coexist, a human and yokai strife in order to fulfill that dream. This is their story.
    (Original webcomic: http://www.comico.jp/articleList.nhn?titleNo=2750)
    Latest Chapters: Ch.2.5 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Other Title: Suugaku Girl - Fermat no Saishuu Teiri; 数学ガール フェルマーの最終定理;
    Author: YUUKI Hiroshi,KASUGA Shun
    Summary: "I" (Boku) love math. Just after the high school entrance ceremony, "I" meet a beautiful girl: Milka. Milka is a mathematical genius. She gives me many math problems, she shows me many elegant solutions. Milka and I spend a long time by discussing math in the school library.

    One year later, I meet another mathematical girl: Tetra. Tetra is one year younger than me, and asks me to teach her math. While I teach her, she begins to understand math and to love its elegance gradually.

    In the second volume (series), we talk about Pythagoras Theorem, Elementary Number Theory, Group, Ring, Field, and Fermat's Last Theorem.
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: 銀魂 dj - はんぶんこGintama dj - Halfsies
    Author: Paraiso ,Harada
    Genres: Adult , Doujinshi , Psychological , Yaoi ,
    Summary: Gintoki and Takasugi are childhood friends, however this year they're in different classes. Gintoki then becomes friends with Hijikata, which makes Takasugi rather jealous. However after he got to know Hijikata better he realizes that they get along quite well, and the three of them becomes much closer. Takasugi, who has always liked Gintoki, notices that Hijikata has romantic feelings for Gintoki as well and so they agree to 'halve' Gintoki between the two of them. The plan somewhat works at first but then it backfires when it creates a very unexpected result and fear in Gintoki...Pairing: Takasugi x Gintoki x Hijikata
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1(end)
  • Other Title: 地獄恋 DEATH LIFE;
    Author: SUZUMARU Reiji
    Genres: Comedy , Ecchi , Fantasy , Horror , Seinen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: Another series by the author of Jigokuren ~Love in Hell~. Set in the same world as Love in Hell but with all new characters.

    Spinoff series to Jigokuren ~Love in Hell~:
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: ヤリチン☆ビッチ部 dj - 輪っ!Yarichin Bitch Bu dj - Wah!Yarichin Bitch Club dj - Wa!Yarichin Bitch Club dj - Wah!
    Author: Ogeretsu,OGERETSU Tanaka
    Genres: Doujinshi , Yaoi ,
    Summary: Yuri x Tamura, Tamura x Yuri.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1(end)
  • Other Title: Putri Harimau Nao;
    Author: MATSURI Seishirou
    Genres: Comedy , Ecchi , Gender Bender , Shounen ,
    Summary: After seeing a picture of Naotora Kusunoki as a kid, the crown prince of the Kingdom of Urunei in Southeast Asia fell in love at first sight. The only problem is that Naotora is the son of a bureaucrat in the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Eager to please the prince, Naotora's father forces him to cross-dress and fly to Urunei to get married to the prince as "Nao". Once in Urunei, he unintentionally captures the hearts of the populace who see Nao as the return of Putri Harimau, the Tiger Girl of legend who had a hand in the founding of Urunei with the Dragon Prince long ago. However, there are some in Urunei who are not so happy about Nao's arrival.
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.2 Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: Martial Arts Girl Headhunter Nanoha (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha);
    Author: Ojou No Yokushitsu (Circle)
    Genres: Action , Comedy , Doujinshi , Fantasy , Martial Arts ,
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.0(end)
  • Other Title:
    Author: Mayu (Airmods)
    Genres: Doujinshi , Romance , Shoujo , Shounen ,
    Summary: A doujinshi between Kamijou Touma & Misaka Mikoto.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.0
  • Other Title: None
    Genres: Adult , Smut , Ecchi , Shounen ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.4 Ch.3 Ch.2 Ch.1
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