Ai ga Aru Kara (Yaoi) manga

FUJIMOTO Haruki 0 released.
Ai ga Arukara,Because There is Love,
ai ga aru kara (complete)
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

An insatiable lust for men has landed Matsuzoe with his fair share of them. However, after sleeping with a new and younger acquaintance, he's gripped by an inexplicable sadness.
- From Blissful Sin

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2015-06-24 22:01
p.1-42: an ane-san type of guy whose had his own share of men got introduced to a curious 16 yo. guy by his bff. however, he had to let go after realizing something. adult x minor. older uke x younger seme ./
p. 193-200: omake, a followup of what happened afterwards.
ɫ ⬧ ɫ
p. 41-64 : #salaryman. lovers decided to #live-in. living together adjustments. #lover's quarrel. ./
P. 66-98: short yet cute story about a guy hanging out in dating sites hoping to find true love. One day he found out that his date is no other than their company client. Small world.
p. 99-123: an introspective story of a now dreamless and frustrated-from-life taxi driver had a blunt discussion with an odd man who rode his taxi. #new beginning, #new relationship? #open-ended. ./
ch. 124- 131: a very easy-going cafe manager, to the frustration of his gung-ho waiter (who is also his lover btw). ./
p. 133-165: son of an old prestigious clan involved in investment x manager in-charged of him. #bocchama seme x #megane uke. ./
p. 167-197: bocchama of a traditional flower arrangement family. #arranged marriage issues vs his feelings for this mere restaurant underling
2015-01-19 18:02
Very shallow and a little confused....
2015-02-08 12:06
2015-05-31 06:56
Yo quería que la pareja del estudiante terminaran juntos :(
2015-06-25 18:22
The taxi story was good

22 Topics

  1. Mizurumi
    July 10, 2016 11:59 pm

    But every story is fairly good and partly realistic, mostly the first one

  2. Vampire Queen May 19, 2016 12:21 pm

    I didn't like the first story and the one with the magka and assistant. Sorry guys I just cant stand bitter endings. But I really loved the other stories they were all super sweet and cute.

  3. lol October 13, 2015 9:45 am

    that last story of how they both wished each other happiness and in the end he never knew that he was that guys first crush...kind of bittersweet but that one was the most realistic in my opinion. even if your apart and separated, u can still remember that person without a grudge and wish that they find their own happiness...I loved it

  4. ddkktt
    July 1, 2015 1:29 am

    iknow this mangka is a female but i think she most know how the gay life work because her stories are pretty realistic

  5. ddkktt
    July 1, 2015 1:28 am

    iknow this mangka is a female but i think she most know how the gay life work because her stories are pretty realistic

  6. SamuraiSx July 26, 2014 11:33 am

    noooooo FIRST STORY !!! >_____< grrr :(((
    other stories were nice :3 but first.. uhhh sad x.x I wanted them together!

  7. new June 22, 2014 8:16 am

    if you want to read this skip up to 23 pg it starts at pg 24

  8. dorishpp May 31, 2014 12:50 am

    OK these stories were alright!!! I just think they could have been better!! The stories should have been longer with more love between each person in each story!! There is no saying that these people stayed together!! I did like the art work but the love scenes lack there of were not exciting being the perv I am ha ha ha!! Hopefully the other stories are better!!! thx D

  9. :/ January 3, 2014 12:29 am

    This manga, in my opinion, was awful. I felt like nothing was fulfilled.

  10. Anonymous December 14, 2013 4:32 am

    aww the frst story :(

  11. FudanshiBL December 13, 2013 8:05 am

    I think a majority if people gere would agree that the first couple should have gotten together in the end. It made me so sad to see them part ways after falling in love. God dammit. Why.

  12. S December 12, 2013 5:41 am

    As much as I enjoyed the first story, I wish they would end up together if they liked each other. Even if for a short awhile.

    Yes, it probably reflects real life how many people miss their chance but stiilllllll, this is manga.... I want to feel happy for characters

  13. orangechip March 13, 2013 3:09 pm

    I really enjoyed the first story, it was more realistic about him being 'gay' curious and being kinda insensitive. The other stories were lovely and the communication between the characters was a joy to read. I wish some had continuations though.

  14. yaoi lover March 2, 2013 1:10 am

    The stories are simple and warm. Some of this is hard to comprehend but I guess its because I dont like deep stuff. Its good for a one time read.

  15. netyuna November 16, 2012 1:38 pm

    yeah! the first story left me with a bad aftertaste but aaaanyway the other stories where suuuuper cute xD

  16. yaoilovergirl June 28, 2012 11:57 pm

    the stories were good but i wanted the first pair to be together!! i was waiting for the chaptere were they get together but oh well...7/10

    • snakelover March 1, 2013 8:18 pm

      me too! i wanted them to be together!

    • Misaki.JR December 13, 2013 11:19 am

      same really frustrated.. =.='

  17. chou April 29, 2012 11:07 am

    i had wanted to see the first pair to have ended up together since they actually did like each other yah know... it was a nice read

  18. +kamiGAMi+ April 20, 2012 3:59 pm

    oh... am loving this one. every short story were good, fascinating and interesting. and they're so many of them ... haha the drawing was good also. ^_^

  19. TenTenRox1 March 6, 2012 3:46 am

    I'm not a huge fan of the first story but i loved the others

  20. kongaishang December 21, 2011 3:20 pm

    skip to page 24
    love this! heartbreaking but this is what happens in real life

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