Oujisama no Tsukurikata manga

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Momoyuki Kotori 2005 released.
Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Gender Bender / Romance / School Life / Shoujo
制造王子的计划; 王子様のつくりかた; 王子育成法; How to make a prince?; Ouji-sama no Tsukuri Kata; Ouji-sama no tsuruki kata; Oujisama no Tsukuri Kata; The way of making a Prince
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Plot: Yuiri is a first year highschooler and the granddaughter of the principal. She attends Angelic Garden Highschool where she meets 4 handsome devils. It is her job to try and make these devils into angels. While in school, she goes under cover also as her brother Hairi. Can she persevere against these devils?

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How did you react to your first really detailed yaoi scenes?
SHOOK! My eyeballs looks like come out from it place plus jawdrops and then I'm wet.
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Neck licking is my fetish!
Are you scared of dying?
I'm not afraid of death itself but I'm terrified of the moments before death. Also, I know...
What's your unexpected kink?
Oral area, neck, and ears are my fettish, since they always make them a bit reddish, full ...
Are you scared of dying?
No(⊙…⊙ )

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did fetishes and kinks

I like bdsm when they put stuff in the ass literally big stuff

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did has gone or going to college

Am in college now haveing economic class by a Chinese professeur who I don't get what he says because of his ascent but I still like him

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did i wanna be able to fly

When I was young I used to pray to god please make me fly . And I would go outside and try to fly I did that several times . So pathetic

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