• Other Title: Underwear or Swimwear
    Author: sakura trick,tachi
    Genres: One Shot , Yuri ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.0
  • MW  

    Other Title: ムウ
    Author: TEZUKA Osamu
    Genres: Shounen Ai ,
    Summary: Gurai is a Japanese Catholic Priest, who is unable to give up his lifelong sexual relationship with Yuki, a beautiful and sadistic young master criminal. Yuki's malicious crimes have become more and more extreme over the years, claiming many innocent lives, and Gurai is tormented by guilt at his inability to stop them
    Latest Chapters: Vol.3 Vol.2 Vol.1 Ch.01-09
  • Umwelt  

    Other Title: None
    Author: IGARASHI Daisuke
    Genres: Action , Sci-fi , Seinen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: A genetically engineered girl escapes from her home and the doctor that created her must pursue her with the help of military personnel.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.0
  • Other Title: Heimweh;
    Author: Mr. Nohman
    Genres: Drama , Horror ,
    Summary: Suicide seems to be nurse Kim's only means of escaping from the banality of the world around her. But one day a stranger comes along begging Kim to sever his limbs. Who is this stranger and why is he so desperate to mutilate himself? Death and life. Sin and forgiveness. What stories and secrets do they both withhold…?

    Author/Artist: http://tapastic.com/mrnohman
    Latest Chapters: Ch.39 Ch.38 Ch.37 Ch.36 Ch.35 Ch.34
  • Other Title: 骇客时空-黄昏的腕轮传说; .hack//黄昏の腕輪伝説; .hack//Bransoleta Zmierzchu; .hack//DUSK; .hack//le bracelet du crépuscule; .hack//Legend of the Twilight; .hack//legend of the Twilight Bracelet; .hack//Taru Iltahämärän Rannerenkaasta; .hack//Udeden; .hack//Legenden om skymmningsarmbandet
    Author: hamazaki tatsuya
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Sci-fi , Supernatural ,
    Summary: From Tokyopop: Welcome to The World, the most advanced online game ever created. In The World you can be anyone you want to be, act out your adventure fantasies and through teamwork and determination, you can even become a hero. 14-year-old twins Shugo and Rena just won a contest that lets them play as the legendary avatars 'Kite' and 'Black Rose.' Armed with the power of the Twilight Bracelet, the two must discover what is causing rogue monsters to infect The World and carry on the legend of the .hackers. 
  • Other Title: Kaitai Shinsho Zero; Kaitaishinsho 0; Kaitaishinsho Zero; Kaitai Shinsho Ø
    Author: kenmotsu chiyo
    Genres: Action , Fantasy , Shounen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: A Byouma is a medical weapon created by ancient sorcerers to kill the infected or those around the infected and make it look like an illness. Even centuries after the sorcerers have died, these weapons still wander the world, infecting and killing people. Narutaki Soutaro and Izumo Momo are Shadow Doctors, trained to combat these Byouma through unorthodox means. Using magically created anti-Byouma medical equipment, they perform “operations” on the medical weapons to separate them from their hosts and destroy them. Will their special weapons and brilliant teamwork be enough to get rid of all the Byouma in the world?
    Latest Chapters: Ch.69 Ch.68 Ch.67 Ch.66 Ch.65 Ch.64
  • Other Title: ??-??? ?
    Author: Im
    Genres: Action , Ecchi , Fantasy , Martial Arts , Seinen ,
    Summary: Sequel to Zero;
    Gi Yuh is the leader of the strongest gang in his high school. He lives together with his younger sister, who seems to love him.
    When saving the beautiful Ha Na from a truck he instead gets injured and lies in coma for two weeks. During these two weeks he dives into a strange dreamworld and after his recovery he is not the same anymore. He regularly dreams about what seems to be a past him. To find out what happened to him he asked his teacher for help, who has friends, who deal with fortunetelling and supernatural powers. Here he finds the answer to his strange condition: He is supposed to be a "higher" ghost", who takes the position of a dead or soon-dying person.
    Zero: Circle of Flow starts of from a High-School Action Adventure but soon gets a mystic touch through his unknown past.

    from mangaupdates
    Latest Chapters: Ch.8 Ch.7 Ch.6 Ch.5 Ch.4 Ch.3
Total: 15