• Other Title: テイルズ オブ ジ アビス 追憶のジェイド; 憶のジェイド; Tale of the Abyss: Jade in My Memories; Tale of the Abyss: Reminiscences of Jade; Tales of the Abyss (KANOU Ayumi)
    Author: Miyajima Takumi
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Shoujo ,
    Summary: A Tales of the Abyss side story that focuses on Jade Curtiss, also known as Jade the Necromancer.
  • Other Title: 몽환백서; Jade of Bango (Mong Hwan Baek Seo); Mong Hwan Baek Seo; Quyển sách của giấc mơ; Les ailes de phénix
    Author: yim ae ju
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Shounen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: ... in the very nick of time a handsome man she had only seen in her dream before hand appears to rescue her. He also releases Lin's 'Jade of Bango' power. His name is In-Mu, who says to her that he is her fiance, as well as her guardian. With other guardians ...
    Latest Chapters: Ch.25 Ch.24 Ch.23 Ch.22 Ch.21 Ch.20
  • Other Title: Wind of the Green Jade; Green Jade no Kaze;
    Author: oumi shinano
    Genres: Adult , Drama , Mature , Romance , Yaoi ,
    Summary: ... :

    The so-called “Hard-boiled man” famous novelist, Takamura, came to a seaside village and encountered a youth named Midori, who bewitched Takamura with his jade green eyes. But before the cynical novelist realized it, he was dragged into a small hostel ran by Midori’s family! Later, Takamura learned that both Midori ...
  • Jade  

    Other Title: ジェイド
    Author: bikke
    Genres: Fantasy , Mystery , Sci-fi , Shoujo ,
    Summary: Frants came by a mechanical doll known as "GEM" as a memento of his lost grandfather. It is a beautiful work of art which can sing and dance, however, it never moves as if it's asleep. He wonders how he can make this gadget move… and starts looking for a clue. But there is another person in search for GEM and …?
  • Other Title: 驭丹;
    Author: Ǻµæ¨ªç›ç‰ç’ƒ (not Sure),È´´å§æ¥¼å§”会 (Not Sure)
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Martial Arts ,
    Summary: The practitioner's Dan energy originates from the moon sun and five elements, the body has five elements, since all living things have the five elements, regarding the issue if humans can train the Dan, there are two main views: one party believes using people will result in many difficulties, thus they only use the elemental energy from external sources, they are called true practitioners, the other party believes the body is the supreme thing under the heavens, in order to increase their strength exponentially, they use other people, they are called nefarious practitioners. True practitioners and nefarious practitioners' battle, is now unfolding!!! - Gamernissem
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Zusun  

    Other Title: Jade Dynasty
    Author: Horang,Ho Rang
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Historical , Romance , Shounen ,
    Summary: Webcomic
    Latest Chapters: Ch.20 Ch.19 Ch.18 Ch.17 Ch.16 Ch.15
  • Other Title: 別哭了!醫生; 泣かせて!ドクター; Cry Me! Doctor; Sweet Room
    Author: momozuki haruka
    Genres: Drama , Smut , Yaoi ,
    Summary: 1. Cry Me Doctor:
    Clumsy father and son go to a pediatrician.

    2. Welcome to Club R:

    3. Close the Secret Door:

    4. Sweet Sweet Room:
    Simple but energetic and good-natured hotel employee encounters a rather jaded famous writer who is at loose ends after a fight with his girlfriend.

    5. My Best Smile Belongs to You:

    6. Good Night Sensei:
    Continuation of Cry Me Doctor
    Latest Chapters: Ch.6 Ch.5 Ch.4 Ch.3 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Other Title: Not Love
    Author: Miyamoto Kano
    Genres: Drama , Yaoi ,
    Summary: Sex and an insider perspective in exchange for a place to stay. That's the deal young prostitute Bun strikes with jaded detective Daisuke. But how long can their relationship last when they’re both insisting that it's Not/Love? Miyamoto Kano's "Walker
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