• Other Title: 困惑!? 眼鏡生活。; Bewilderment!? Life with Glasses.
    Author: Kaiya Tatsumi
    Genres: Doujinshi , One Shot , Yaoi ,
    Summary: Just as the bedroom action is getting hot, Eiki receives a phone call and leaves. So what else can Senri do but question the meaning of the relationship. Are they really lovers or does Eiki only love him for his glasses?
    Latest Chapters: Ch.0
  • Other Title: ブラスレイター; Blassreiter; BLASSREITER -genetic-
    Author: Gonzo
    Genres: Action , Drama , Ecchi , Horror , Mature , Sci-fi , Shounen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: A newly ordained priest named Theo Camming visits a rural town somewhere in Germany. However, his congregation gets attacked by Demoniacs and some of them had been in his own congregation. After being wounded, a female Blassreiter fighter arrives to save
  • Other Title: GA Geijutsu-ka Art Design Class,
    Author: kiyuzuki satoko
    Genres: Comedy , School Life , Seinen ,
    Summary: Plot: GA is a class that specializes in the arts at Ayanoi High School. Kisaragi, Nodamiki, Kyoju, Tomokane and Namiko are a group of five friends who have colorful adventures and learn about art techniques.
    Latest Chapters: Vol.5 Vol.4 Vol.3 Vol.2 Vol.1
  • Other Title: ガラスの女神, Garasu no Megami, Goddess of the Glass
    Author: asamori mizuki
    Genres: Drama , Ecchi , Mature , Romance , School Life , Slice of Life ,
    Summary: Sakura Keita, a university student, is in dire straits when he drops a graph critical to passing his class. However, he is rescued by his fellow student, Kurimiya Honoka, who manages to recover it for him. The two hit it off immediately, but will Keita really be able to hold on to his dream girl?
    Latest Chapters: Ch.27 Ch.26 Ch.24 Ch.23 Ch.22 Ch.21
  • Other Title: Glasses Cafe Glass,
    Author: NEKOTA Yonezou
    Genres: Comedy , Shounen Ai ,
    Summary: From Psycho Pandas:
    Glasses Cafe GLASS is...
    A cafe where all the garcons wear glasses. For the sake of women who like glasses, the garcons are all beauties that wear glasses. It's a specialty cafe. From the start, the owner hired exceptional men as garcons.
    And then at that time a puzzling event occurred...!?
    This cafe of boundless peril is the astray Kotaro's fate!
  • Other Title: 暗殺教室; Ansatsu Kyōshitsu; Ansatsu Kyoushitsu; AssClass
    Author: MATSUI Yuusei
    Genres: Action , Shounen ,
    Summary: The students of class 3-E have a mission: kill their teacher before graduation. He has already destroyed the moon, and has promised to destroy the Earth if he can not be killed within a year. But how can this class of misfits kill a tentacled monster, capable of reaching Mach 20 speed, who may be the best teacher any of them have ever had?
  • Other Title: Ato no Matsuri; クラスメイトの女装を手伝ったら可愛すぎて震えが止まらない件 ~松本~; Classmate no Josou wo Tetsudattara Kawai Sugite Furue ga Tomaranai Ken; I Helped a Classmate Shemale. I Can Not Stop Trembling His Cute. "Kura-Furu"; My Cute Crossdresser (Official English Title); Tenshi no Parabola; The cases of: When I Helped a Trap Classmate, He Was Too Cute and Now I Can't Stop Trembling (Japanese title translation);
    Author: Matsumoto Mitohi
    Genres: Comedy , Ecchi , Gender Bender , Romance , School Life , Seinen , Shounen Ai ,
    Summary: A collection of mildly ecchi stories focusing on crossdressing high-school boys and the boys who like them, mostly from the boys-in-skirts (otokonoko) magazine Oto?Nyan.
    • Raising Decoy 1-3
    A boy helps his classmate go undercover in drag to catch subway gropers, and finds that he looks disturbingly good in a dress....
    • Ato no Matsuri (retitled Spilled Milk in the English edition)
    A group of male students, having failed to get girlfriends, are becoming desperate; what will these "innocent" boys resort to?
    • Tenshi no Houbutsusen (Parabola)
    Baseball-themed romance short.
    • Actress
    A boy joins his high school's film club to meet the actress from their amateur film, but gets a surprise...
    • Shishiza no Boku to Natsu no Yozora (retitled Leo and the Night Sky of Summer in the English edition)
    The president of the school astronomy club wants to catch UFOs.. maybe some "sexy female alien" costumes will help? - See more at: http://www.mangago.com/read-manga/ato_no_matsuri/
    Latest Chapters: Ch.6 Ch.5 Ch.4
  • Other Title: 유리구두; The Glass Slipper
    Author: im hae yeon
    Genres: Comedy , Gender Bender , Historical , Romance , Shoujo ,
    Summary: A European mystery romance, "Glass Shoes" - the long-awaited conclusion!!
    The clever Bild, who has figured out that it's Al's spirit currently inside Saylie's body, begins a plot to get rid of Saylie, who will become an obvious obstacle in the future...
    Meanwhile, Debroyl asks for Saylie's hand in marriage, claiming that he loves her just the way she is, however...?! 
    Latest Chapters: Ch.19 Ch.18 Ch.17 Ch.13 Ch.16 Ch.15
  • Other Title: 평범한 8반; Normal Class 8
    Author: youngpaka
    Genres: Comedy , School Life ,
    Summary: Kam Dongwon has an unusually large head, and due to it he's constantly teased. So he transfers to a new school, enters "the normal class 8" that has not so normal kids, and his crazy new school life begins... 
  • Other Title: A classmate is a princess knight!; 姫騎士がクラスメート!; The Princess Knight is a Classmate!;
    Author: Ekz,No. Gomesu
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Ecchi , Fantasy , Harem , Shounen , Smut ,
    Summary: After he and his entire class die on a field trip, Odamori accepts an offer from a mysterious man to be reincarnated. However his new job turns out to be that of a 'Slavemancer' with the power to dominate the minds of others and turn them into his toys, which he happily takes on. Soon however his evil actions lead to a Princess Knight (who turns out to be one of his previous, more popular classmates) being dispatched to apprehend him. But Odamori of course has something different planned for their reunion.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.14 Ch.13 Ch.12 Ch.11 Ch.10 Ch.9
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