• Other Title: 青春花心中; Mein Weg in dein Herz; Seishun Hanashinjuu
    Author: KAWAI Hideki
    Genres: Drama , Yaoi ,
    Summary: ... with his soccer team was suddenly cancelled, and he had broken up with his lover a while ago. The desperate Takenaka throws himself into Yamazaki's arms- a senpai that betrayed him when they were in school. When he sees no end to this lifestyle, memories of his ...
  • Other Title: 背中から抱いて; Holding You From Behind
    Author: Takenaka Sei
    Genres: Yaoi ,
    Summary: From Attractive Fascinante:

    1-2) Holding You/Whispering from Behind- Maki was shocked when he bumped into Nagayoshi sensei wearing just a white robe with the instructor. When they met again after some time, will Nagayoshi be honest with his feelings now?

    3)Vertigo- Makoto is a rookie police officer when his grandmother dies and he's left all alone with no one left in the world. Mystery man Serizawa appears, determined to pay back a debt he owed to Makoto's late grandfather by helping the younger man. Makoto finds himself relying more and more on his new friend, but how much does he really know about him?

    4)Water Bed- Salarymen Hiraoka and Teramoto meet suddenly after many years. Former college classmates and swimmers, Hiraoka was always entranced by Teramoto, but unable to meet his eyes until one day when Teramoto stole a passionate kiss...

    5)Poker- Undercover police officer Kiriyama finds himself at the mercy of ruthless gangster Kamou.

    6)Cage- The Takasugi and Miyoshi family have been at odds for decades, and the current generation is no better. But when a terminally ill Takasugi is cast out by his family, Miyoshi takes in his rival. Trapped in a luxurious mansion and waited on hand and foot, what are Miyoshi's plans for the helpless invalid?

    7)The Imprisoned Sun- Kajiwara Tsukiya's vacation in India gets off to a rough start when his passport and belongings are stolen. Taken in by the wealthy and powerful Suria, their short time together becomes precious. However, enchanted by Tsukiya, Suria has no intention of letting him go...

    8)Everything's For Your Sake- Company President Fukaya Seiji spends a drunken night with his secretary, Houshou. Now he can't stop thinking about the cool beauty, but Houshou acts like nothing happened!

    9) The Sweet Poetry- Prince Chris doesn't want the arranged marriage his father set up, he's in love with his tutor, Sakura. But even though they're lovers Sakura refuses to admit his feelings.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.9 Ch.8 Ch.7 Ch.6 Ch.5 Ch.4
  • Kisu Series  hot

    Other Title: Kiss Series; Kisu Dakeja Iya; Kisu Kara Hajimete; Kisu Shite Onegai
    Author: TAKENAKA Sei
    Genres: Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , School Life , Supernatural , Yaoi ,
    Summary: 1) Kisu Kara Hajimete- Super popular high school student Nishimura Jun has a beautiful face, a great body and women lining up to have sex with him! So why is Jun still a virgin? The romantic Jun wants nothing more that a sweet and pure love. Hiding his vi
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1-8
  • Other Title: 仔羊計劃 子羊プロジェクト 羔羊計劃 Lamb Project
    Author: TAKENAKA Sei
    Genres: Comedy , School Life , Supernatural , Yaoi ,
    Summary: The Kaiji series is divided into four parts: 1. Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji 2. Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji 3. Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji 4. Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji: Kazuyahen
    Latest Chapters: Ch.7 Ch.6 Ch.5 Ch.4 Ch.3 Ch.2
  • Other Title: Kikasete yo, Ai no Kotoba wo,Kikaseteyo, Ai no Kotoba o,Kikaseteyo, Ai no Kotoba wo,
    Author: TAKENAKA Sei
    Genres: Yaoi ,
    Summary: Young actor Hinase, together with experienced actor Saiga, are secret lovers. Just 17 years old and possessed by heat, while Saiga always stays calm, makes Hinase feel like he's being looked down upon and seen as a child, which makes him very angry!! Always being seen this way by Saiga, and having enough, the two are still no reconciled. As a result, Hinase wants to fool Saiga more and more?!
    Latest Chapters: Ch.01
  • Other Title: 男爵の愛人; 男爵的爱人; Baron's Lover
    Author: hinase mizuki,takenaka sei
    Genres: Romance , Yaoi ,
    Summary: The mistake of that day caused two people's fates to intersect…. which were not originally intersecting at all….
    Latest Chapters: Ch.6 Ch.4 Ch.3 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Kuhime  

    Other Title: 喰姫; Kui Hime; Kuuhime;
    Author: Takenaka Hideo
    Genres: Action , Horror , Mystery , Shounen , Supernatural , Tragedy ,
    Summary: College student Seiji Kitou and his friends go to an abandoned building as a test of courage, and meet an attractive woman who is a monster that swiftly kills and eats people as soon as she meets them. While trying to escape, Seiji is saved by a mysterious woman with the same ability. - aaseschweitz
  • Other Title: None
    Author: Takenaka Sei
    Genres: Adult , Yaoi ,
    Summary: The refreshing prince who’s actually a sadist VS the handsome playboy who’s actually a virgin that loves reading shoujo. Niina Keito, who always has girls surrounding him because of his showy looks, and Takizawa Ryou, an attractive prince with high morals, are secretly living together “under one roof.” Their other secret is that their true characters are actually “the exact opposite” of their appearance!! Niina, who’s in fact pure and a tsundere, is always teased by Takizawa, who’s in fact a wicked guy. Niina’s supposed to hate Takizawa’s existence to the core!! But Ryou suddenly kisses Keito, saying “You know, if it were me, I’d love you for who you are?!” A LOVE story of a bickering couple who can never be honest with themselves?
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
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