• Other Title: 華恋; 華戀
    Author: IWAMOTO Kaoru,YAMADA Shiro
    Genres: Drama , Yaoi ,
    Summary: Brothers Masaki and Kai are reunited after 7 years apart when their father passes away. With their reunion brings the question 'Who will be the one to succeed the family?' 
  • Other Title: 情定惠比寿; 惠比寿名流男士; 에비스 유명인사; YEBISUセレブリティーズ
    Author: IWAMOTO Kaoru,FUWA Shinri
    Genres: Drama , Romance , Slice of Life , Yaoi ,
    Summary: At a design firm called Yebisu Graphics, only the best - and the best looking - are accepted. It's a place for classy design, classy society, and classy love affairs. The cute new part-timer, Haruka Fujinami, happens to catch his boss's eye... Is he only getting teased, or is there something more between them?
  • Other Title: プリティ・ベイビィズ
    Author: iwamoto kaoru,Mamahara Ellie
    Genres: Drama , Yaoi ,
    Summary:  Rookie detective Chikara has been assigned to the closed minded, hard-faced senior detective Ibuki. One day Chikara, who had tailed Ibuki in order to uncover his secrets, witnesses Ibuki carrying a suspicious heavy bundle out from a church.
    Then after almost being run down by a car, Chikara is asked to spend the night with the beauty who'd been driving in lien of compensation...?!
  • Other Title: 発情
    Author: iwamoto kaoru,toriumi youko
    Genres: School Life , Supernatural , Yaoi ,
    Summary: Jinguuji, who‘s not coming to school, is the most “talented“ in his grade. To get this son of a yakuza to attend lessons, Yuuki, the assistant teacher in charge visits him at home. But when Yuuki gets the attention of Jinguuji, who is with a girl, the latter suddenly gets aroused and forces Yuuki to sleep with him....! Is there a “family secret“ Yuuki‘s not allowed to know hidden in the ferocious eyes of Jinguuji who‘s devouring Yuuki‘s body---? The long-awaited manga-version of the popular “werewolf“ love story?Presenting you the comic & novel with plenty of erotic scenes!
    Latest Chapters: Ch.2 Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: YEBISUセレブリティーズ 久家×益永ver.
    Author: IWAMOTO Kaoru,FUWA Shinri
    Genres: Yaoi ,
    Summary: N/A
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
Total: 6