• Other Title: ちょこっとHな恋物語; A Rather Ecchi Love Story; Abnormal Love Story; Chokotto H Na Koi Monogatari
    Author: anthology, kitagawa miyuki, osakabe mashin, nakahara migiwa, yoshinaga noriko, shibuya urara, fujiwara yoshiko, shimaki ako
    Genres: Romance , School Life , Shoujo , Smut ,
    Summary: ... are becoming rare today. This is a collection of "Flower Comics" love stories written by seven writers including Miyuki Kitagawa, Osakabe Mashin, and Ako Shimaki. 1) Secret Housemate (Naisho No Doukyonin) by SHIMAKI Ako : sweet short story of a middle school boy in love with a high school girl. She is meticulous about wanting to know everything about ...
  • Other Title: Koi ni Ochita Ouji-sama,Prince in Love,
    Author: Shimaki Ako
    Genres: Comedy , Drama , One Shot , Romance , School Life , Shoujo ,
    Summary: By the mangaka of "Mucha Kucha Daisuki"! Shimaki Ako now brings you five endearing one shots stories, each revolving around a separate couple, each brought together through by the forces of love, through their own obstacles and trials.
  • Other Title: My 1/3 Boyfriend, Suki ni Naru Made Matte
    Author: shimaki ako
    Genres: Comedy , One Shot , Romance , School Life , Shoujo ,
    Summary: Fukada Rei is a cute but up-tight third year high school student, one of the only girls her age without a boyfriend. One day, someone stops her while she was walking to class and asks to take her picture. Rei is confused, but says yes. He takes the picture, and when Rei asks why he tells her her underwear is completely showing. He says he'll delete it later, but only if they meet again at the same place at lunch. Afraid that he'll show it to her class mates, Rei agrees, and every day afterward she meets him for lunch. But what will Rei do when he confesses to her–and she realizes she loves him, too? 
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.0
  • Other Title: Dare Nimo Himitsu no Koi Monogatari; Dare Nimo...; Secret Love Stories
    Author: Kitagawa Miyuki
    Genres: Comedy , Drama , Ecchi , One Shot , Romance , School Life , Shoujo ,
    Summary: Cheese! Anthology with one-shots from various mangakas: KITAGAWA Miyuki - Hoshi sae mo Nemuru Yoru SHIMAKI Ako - No Panties Musume : first extra from volume 2 of Boku ni Natta Watashi KASUGA Akane - Tomodachi Shikkaku: Riku is the prince of the school
  • Other Title: エロティック・ホラー; エロティック・ホラー-真夏の悪夢
    Author: watanabe shiho, yamada komomo, nanao mio, chikawa chihiro, shimaki ako
    Genres: Horror , Psychological , Romance , School Life , Shoujo , Smut , Supernatural , Tragedy ,
    Summary: Five intriguing creepy oneshots by five different authors. Fallen women: High school girls are all about their looks to get the boy they like. What do they love more their must important person or their own beauty? Transient Future*: The main character's day keeps repeating over and over every day. Each day our Tsukamoto's beloved Yoshi-kun dies. How can she prevent this from happening?
  • Other Title: ひきたて役の恋; Hikitate Yaku no Koi; Hikitate-yaku no Koi; Isshun no Tsuki; Koibito Kyoukaisen; Dokodemo Issho
    Author: Shimaki Ako
    Genres: Drama , One Shot , Romance , School Life , Shoujo ,
    Summary: A collection of short stories. Story 1: Ordinary Chie is always being overlooked for her extremely beautiful friend Mika. Will someone ever notice her? Story 2: Mizuho is in love with Shugo-sempai, and even manages to kiss him secretly under the cover o
    Latest Chapters: Ch.4 Ch.3 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Other Title:
    Author: Shimaki Ako
    Genres: Drama , Romance , Shoujo ,
    Summary: A collection of Oneshots 1. Fiancee Inn: "Sanae has a fiance. Moreover, he is the young owner of a big Japanese Inn. Is she marrying into money?" Sanae quickly begins her training to become a proprietress, but will she become more interested in the manag
  • Koibana  

    Other Title: Ah! Itoshi no Caramel Boy!; Atashi no Mannaka; コイバナ; コイバナ~この誘惑に は勝てない! ベスト6; LOVE教程; Renai Sensou; The Love Stories;
    Author: Miyasaka Kaho, Doumoto Nao, Watanabe Shiho, Shimaki Ako, Kayono, Sugi Emiko
    Genres: Romance , Shoujo , Smut ,
    Summary: Story 1: "Real Kiss" by Miyasaka Kaho
    The player, Fujikawa Mitsuki, likes to tease Haruna. One day their cell phones get switched. What will happen next? [Taken from Shoujo Crusade]
    Story 2: "Body Talk" by Doumoto Nao
    Yuuri falls in love at first sight
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