• Other Title: ゼロサムオリジナルアンソロジーシリーズ; Arcana; Zero Sum Original Anthology Series
    Author: yugyoji tama, takayama shinobu, minekura kazuya, kouga yun, miyamoto fukusuke, yoneyama setsuko, nanjou tsugumi, yuu fujiwara, ayun tachibana
    Genres: Action , Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Horror , Josei , Mature , Mystery , One Shot , Romance , School Life , Supernatural , Tragedy ,
    Summary: ... ~ Kouga Yun 4. A Shower in the Sunshine ~ Omote Sora 5. URBAN VAMPIRE ~ Bikke 6. Sky Burial ~ Takayama Shinobu 7. Today's Dining Table ~ Saeki Yashiro 8. The Aegis of Time's Coffin ~ Yugyoji Tama 9. Forest of Nobility ~ Kayase Shiki 10. CHIYOSAMA! ~ Shindo Arashi 11. Strigoi Kingdom ~ Serikawa Mame 12. The truth of Catharsis ~ Inui Miku 13. Blood Donation Advice ...
  • Other Title: +C: Меч и Корнетт +C: 剑与号角 +C: 剑和科尼特 +C: Schwert und Krone Plus-si: Sword and Cornett Thanh Kiếm Và Vương Miện
    Author: yugyoji tama
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Drama , Fantasy , Josei ,
    Summary: From Shinmakoku Scanlations:
    Once, there was a hero who vanquished the darkness on this land and liberated the people from it. Then he built a kingdom, and had his descendants to rule as kings. Although they had ruled the land for so many years, the truth is the politics is being centered on the elders from each region of the kingdom.
    This seemingly peaceful kingdom was then disturbed by the mysterious death of the next successor to the throne; the death started to involve all of those who have the rights to succeed the throne to become the next king.
    Belca Noctircus is the son of a commoner and the King Noctircus. He is the third prince in the royal Noctircus family and is third in line for the throne. Soon after coming back from abroad, his brother, the crown prince Hector Noctircus, revealed his amibition to create peace with the Amonel (a race considered to be monsters); but mysteriously, he dies from a chronic disease. Belca and his second older brother, Orcelito, discovered the conspiracy behind Hector's death, and Belca was nearly killed because of that. However, he was saved by a wandering bard/scholar named Eco, who agreed to help Belca out, but is Eco really who he seems to be? Meanwhile Orcelito is captured by Lagen, whose son, a young nobleman, locks him up and manipulates Orcelito to do things by Lagen's bidding and wishes...
  • Other Title: アズラエルズエッジ;
    Author: Yugyoji Tama
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Josei ,
    Summary: Leto is employed as an apprentice by the skilled mercenary Alpha, from the mercenary unit Boreas. He struggles to rid himself of his apprentice status and be accepted by Alpha. However, as a mercenary, many painful encounters and terrible experiences await him?
  • Other Title: ゼロサムオリジナルアンソロジーシリーズ Arcana (4) [吸血鬼]; Arcana - Vampire; Arcana 4
    Author: amamiya azusa, anthology, bikke, igarashi ran, inui miku, kayase shiki, kinoshita sakura, kisaragi yoshinori, kouga yun, magami guriko, omote sora, sa
    Genres: Comedy , Josei , Romance , Supernatural ,
    Summary: ... Omote Sora 5. Urban Vampire by Bikke 6. Sky Burial by Takayama Shinobu 7. Today's Dining Table by Saeki Yashiro 8. The Aegis of the Coffin of Time by Yugyoji Tama 9. Forest of Nobility by Kayase Shiki 10. Chiyo-sama! by Shindo Arashi 11. Strigoi Kingdom by Serikawa Mame 12. The Catharsis of Truth by Inui ...
  • Telcel  

    Other Title: テル・セル; TERRESTRIAL+CELESTIAL;
    Author: YUGYOJI Tama
    Genres: Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Josei , Mystery , Romance ,
  • Other Title: +C sword and cornett APPENDix
    Author: YUGYOJI Tama
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Josei , Mystery ,
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