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IWASAKI Youko (Story & Art) 2004 released.
Action / Historical / Martial Arts
Shinsengumi Iroku Burai
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This story is centered around a samurai named Saito and the dojo full of ronin he goes to. Saito meets Harada and Okita on a dark night, thinking that they are drunk and plans on beating them up. Unfortunately he is interrupted, leading all three to work together to try to save a woman.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to trouble... and it only gets stranger from there. From albino cult leaders to revolutionaries stealing wooden heads, how can this manga still maintain the seriousness? You will have to read it to find out!

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Jan 14, 2011

Burai Ch.8

Jan 14, 2011

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Jan 14, 2011

Burai Ch.6

Jan 14, 2011

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Jan 14, 2011

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Jan 14, 2011

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Jan 14, 2011
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