Digimon Tamers manga

HONGO Akiyoshi 0 released.
Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-fi / Shounen
,デジモンテイマーズ,Dejimon Teimāzu,Digimon Zero 3,Digimon Zero Tree,
Vol.4 Ch.22-30(end)
Vol.3 Ch.15-21
Vol.2 Ch.08-14
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When three Digimon fans end up with real Digimon, they discover that taking care of a living creature is much more work than dealing with a few pixels on the TV screen. Each of our three would-be heroes must discover for themselves that being a Tamer means working together. Despite their differences, the Tamers strive to make life enjoyable for everyone!

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  1. Alex d tamer June 23, 2016 9:48 am

    I'm a lot like Takato I really like digimon they seem I dunno better than pokemon but if I had one wish it be that digimon would be real and that I had my on real live digimon mine would be an Agumon but what would yours be ;)

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