Escape (kyuugou) (Yaoi) manga

Kyuugou 2007 released.
Drama / Mature / One Shot / Yaoi
エスケープ (九號);
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

Video store clerk Amamiya Shouta has a unrequited crush on salaryman Shiraishi, but has sex with fellow college student Kuraki. Shouta thinks of them as just sex friends, but Kuraki has a dark and possessive side that Shouta unwittingly brings to the surface...

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Escape (kyuugou) Ch.0(end)

Jan 14, 2011
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2014-09-05 05:09
Just wish this was an ongoing manga
2014-08-17 09:47
I will give a thousand dollars to who ever draws a good ending to this with them falling in love and lovers sex. Not really but still try!
2014-09-03 01:07
I like this but I think it should have more added to it!! I want to know who did Shouta end up being with? I mean I can tell that in the end he is thinking about Kuraki but I want to know what he is going to do!! I hope he realize the reason Kuraki did that to Shouta is because he is jealous of him being in love with some other guy when Kuraki is there!! So maybe a sequel!! Just a thought!! thx D
2015-02-02 08:32
Should've ben an ongoing

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  1. VampireKnight
    March 29, 2015 1:21 pm

    Damnit he it is Beautiful face D; , man omg it should be longer too short.....too short...too short-cries-

  2. SkitKat12
    March 28, 2015 2:21 am

    So I get what everyone is going on about. Yes it was wrong that the seme hit the uke however I think maybe the seme had thought they were in a relationship and hearing his lover call someone elses name must have really got to him. And then after that the uke wasnt replying and acting all guilty. I'm not justifying it because it was wrong but in yaoi whenever the seme is jelouse he is normally rather rough. And some its even rape where as in this... Okay yes it was kinda rape but th... it wasnt? Because I think th Uke agreed.. I dunno but I think it was.... Nice in some way. At least it cold be if it continued. Again what the seme did was wrong but I think it truly was ot of despair. He thought he was losing the man he loved to someone else :/

  3. drama mama March 27, 2015 11:49 pm


  4. Anonymous March 11, 2015 11:40 pm

    wow what an asshole. the uke deserves someone better, someone who will actually love him and not abuse of him.

  5. Anonymous March 8, 2015 9:05 pm

    Lame man could've been better

  6. Cheeky Vampire February 7, 2015 2:02 pm

    too short ヽ(`Д´)ノ

  7. dolanswag
    January 24, 2015 8:49 pm

    Only one chapter???!!! GOSH DARN IT

    • aerslevdi
      March 24, 2015 4:42 am

      Didn't mean the annoying.... Why doesn't it let me change!!! So sorry!

    • dolanswag
      March 28, 2015 4:26 am
      Didn't mean the annoying.... Why doesn't it let me change!!! So sorry! aerslevdi

      Haha, it's alright! I don't care much about that stuff

  8. guess December 28, 2014 5:48 am


  9. :) December 19, 2014 3:55 pm

    I agree with some perv', this was really rough treatment and is an abusive relationship in the making

  10. Peace-chan
    December 19, 2014 3:40 pm

    Wait..IS THAT ALL??? Argh!! I want moooorrree!!! >_<

  11. Some perv'
    December 18, 2014 11:24 am

    Seriously, this guy is an abusive bastard. I usually overlook this in yaoi but this one just feels so real that I couldn't. And then I read every other comment saying "aww this is heartwrenching" "sooo lovely" blabla and I'm just confused.I've read this story a few times and I definitively can't understand which part of the seme's personality is touching. He's a rapist and an asshole, that's all there is to it.

  12. fangirl December 14, 2014 12:55 pm

    more please.... :'<

  13. Miharu December 9, 2014 10:10 pm

    Why does this have such a shitty ending?! >:[ I refuse! Gimme more! I need more! NOW!!!

  14. I have a secret stash of yaoi. October 25, 2014 3:52 am

    The seme is the hottest one I've seen in a while (this mangaka draws very well), but the DV was such a turn off. Did he really have to make him bleed like that? What a dick!

    • Ray
      November 15, 2014 1:46 pm

      That's not enough to call him a dick . I've seen worse . Both physically and heartwrenching .

    • Lemons November 22, 2014 4:52 pm

      Totally captivated, man it's amazing, hot seme

  15. akhie October 23, 2014 6:58 am

    waaah!! it's too short! even it said "END" it's more like a cliffhanger T^T
    poor amamiya, kuraki why you're so violent but oh well i understand you're only jealous

    i want more

  16. crazy girl
    September 27, 2014 6:17 pm

    i want more please where can y find more of chapitr

  17. lexylolo
    August 17, 2014 9:55 am

    If you can draw please finish this and take justice into your own hands.

  18. Indeed July 26, 2014 10:09 am

    T-T wow... that was intense. I would feel better if there was a sequel, but it makes a bigger impact just being a oneshot I suppose. .... darn ... still would like more chapters added to it ;p

  19. Holyland July 19, 2014 10:51 pm

    I hope it was longer, nice story

  20. Lou July 3, 2014 6:49 am

    Thanks for the upload!