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KANESHIRO Kazuki 0 released.
Action / School Life / Seinen
Vol.1 Ch.02
Vol.1 Ch.01
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Go Vol.1 Ch.02

Dec 3, 2011

Go Vol.1 Ch.01

Dec 3, 2011
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Basically you can eat with out getting fat ._. All you need to do is not eat so much in a ...
Do you read yaoi manga? And if so, what was your first yaoi manga?
I absolutely yaoi. My first shounen-ai was Aitsu no Daihonmei, but my first yaoi/shounen-a...
How did you react to your first really detailed yaoi scenes?
I started with shounen-ai, so like everything was really mild, and I didn't move on to yao...
What was your very first anime and manga?
My first anime was Naruto and my first manga was strobe edge. I was so reluctant to watch ...
Why food? Why won't you make me fat??
I asked people what the best solution to get fat is and they said is to eat a huge amount ...

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