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KANESHIRO Kazuki 0 released.
Action / School Life / Seinen
Vol.1 Ch.02
Vol.1 Ch.01
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Go Vol.1 Ch.02

Dec 3, 2011

Go Vol.1 Ch.01

Dec 3, 2011
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Tattoos are awesome
I got lots!! I even have my full metal one I got for a memorial of my brother who committe...
Do you feel anything when you first kiss happened?
My first kiss was great, my boyfriend at the time made it very comfortable for me. He was ...
Animated yaoi or the real thing?
I tried and it was cringe worthy, I barely made it through the few minutes that I watched....
How old were you when you read/saw your first yaoi?
I was 12 when I saw the anime koisuru no boukun I was so surprised. I watched it over and ...
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Omg omg, they would be: Olivier Amstrong (FMA), Revy (Black Lagoon), Nicholas (Gangsta....

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did first kiss

I was 16 and totally drunk xD french kiss with a total stranger xD I never understood the big deal about the first kiss ^^

3 hours ago
want to do get a tattoo

Totally want one! Maybe one that says 愛 or something. ^o^

1 days ago
did first kiss

My first kiss was probably the worse experience, and the many kisses after that with the same person too... IT SUCKED.

1 days ago

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