Interval (Yaoi) manga

Itsuki Kaname 2008 released.
インターバル; 愛你的距離
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

From Blissful Sin:

Track team member Kashiwagi Ayumu has put aside his secret feelings for his classmate, Shinohara Takahito.
One day, his track club senpai, Sawatari Atsushi, realizes Ayumu’s feelings, and embraces Ayumu against his will in attempt to cure his own boredom.
Sawatari seems cold hearted, but suddenly reveals a tenderness to the resisting Ayumu, but…?!

Self Portrait (Prequel - Side Story)
April 4th (Side Story)

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Interval Ch.5.5(end)

Feb 11, 2011

Interval Ch.5

Feb 11, 2011

Interval Ch.4

Feb 11, 2011

Interval Ch.3

Feb 11, 2011

Interval Ch.2

Feb 11, 2011

Interval Ch.1

Feb 11, 2011
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2014-10-24 03:14
I just love this so much.....i can read this over and over again, its cute and hot
2014-08-28 09:33
I like this a lot. I've reread it multiple of times and I never got bored of it- I'm not sure why. It's not the best manga but somehow I can't get enough of it. I wish there's more and the Sawatari's lil bro, he's handsome, alright. I too, wish there's a story about him. :) Over all, I like this manga.
2015-02-01 06:27
Interval is a side story but turns out to be the most famous one of this series. (。^‿^。)
The sweet & touched doujin completes the original story as it clarifies the complicated MC.
«●[]●» Related Series:
1 Self Portrait : Homophobic Takahito x Homosexual Photographer
2 April 4th (Sequel) - The younger bro [Shota] x A Cross-dresser
3 Interval (Side Story) - Track team story, Aymu x Atsushi Sempai.
4 Interval Dj - Sweetens & Completes #3. (≧∀≦)
2015-02-01 07:03
So much cute couple , adorable uke hot seme the combination is too sweet
Loved it so much , and can't tell how many times i have read it !!! ^ - ^ ;
2015-02-21 17:47
I was so happy that Ayumu got a new love! I just felt so sad that he couldn't have the one he loved but then sawatari came.

213 Topics

  1. Anonymous August 18, 2016 3:00 am

    Idk why everyone is like "so cute" cause there's nothing cute about rape....if Sawatari had just told Ayumu his feelings, then it would've developed naturally. Instead, though, he gives him a fucking trauma.

  2. Maxkiz June 30, 2016 7:39 am

    Want more want more please ... i like this manga so much that i cru out loud

  3. srry June 18, 2016 9:29 am

    also that other black-haired kid got with the fucking teacher ??? what ? ?? not to rain on anyones parade, but that is PEDOPHILIA. deadass fire that teacher AND SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE. REPORT THESE FUCKING RAPE CRIMES BY THAT OTHER SEME-GUY! ARREST THIS TEACHER THAT IS FOR SOME REASON ALWAYS HARASSING A STUDENT TF !

    • Achlyss
      June 27, 2016 3:31 pm

      They are together

    • Nobody
      July 6, 2016 12:00 pm

      If you would have read self portrait you would know that he's not really a teacher and that he's not harrassing him. They're dating

  4. srry June 18, 2016 9:25 am

    im just gonnna say it: over all horrible art, bad story, honestly just bad everything. idk over all it just kinda sucked

  5. no June 18, 2016 9:23 am

    real talk: probably one of the worst yaoi mangas i have ever sat through and read. over all horible 0/10, would not recommend. through-out the whole thing i was hoping tall, dark, seme guy would die. legit fuck that guy, he is nasty and gross and manipulated that kid. he deserves no sympathy.

  6. BUT DAMN I LOVE AYUMU... I rea June 14, 2016 5:53 pm

    The seme in this story is a sore loser, a possessive/overly jealous bastard, a sadist, super arrogant, he has talent yet never tried hard to succeed(lazy, demotivated), if he wan't so handsome and sexy and had his pityful unrequited love (that would never been unrequired if he had the guts to confess instead of blackmailng and raping...whithout a reason) he wouldn't get any simpathy... he never tried to confess but raped the poor guy

    • Anonymous June 14, 2016 5:54 pm

      BUT DAMN I LOVE AYUMU... I really like his honesty, bravery, hardworking and cheerful nature... and he's a guy I would want to be friends with... and his expressions are the best, so cute and transparent... and he's the reason I like this manga

    • Anonymous June 14, 2016 6:10 pm
      BUT DAMN I LOVE AYUMU... I really like his honesty, bravery, hardworking and cheerful nature... and he's a guy I would want to be friends with... and his expressions are the best, so cute and transparent... and... @Anonymous

      And he was so manly and mature in the prequel... the only problem is that he doesn't look like the type who would tolerate being mistreated .... :(

  7. fay96 May 25, 2016 6:23 am

    Do be honest i fucking hate uke like takahito(the one that the mc loved) for some unknown reason i get anniyed to the point where i skip each and scene with them...the moment senpai pushed him while saying "dont touch him"made me almost puke rainbowssss

  8. Hikari Kazue
    May 24, 2016 10:53 am

    "I won't do it until you're ready"
    BULLSHIT. Ha... Why you always lyin'?? Why da faq u lyin'??? Mmmm OH MY GAWD.

  9. Hot Dang (Maybe) May 21, 2016 5:44 am

    Sawatari, despite his love for the uke, still is one of the nastiest top this mangaka has ever created
    Still, gotta give him the award for being the HOTTEST SEXIEST YUMMIEST PIECE OF MAN ASS/ABS/EYE SEX I'VE EVER SEEN IN A YAOI TOP. I'm so torn whether or not he should be forgiven entirely for the rape but DAYUMMMMMM HE'S FINEEEEEE (>^3^)>~~~

    • DiggityDog
      June 14, 2016 5:30 am

      I know what you're saying -- there's just something about him that keeps drawing me in....

  10. sungshines
    May 17, 2016 3:05 pm

    I wonder if the uke was actually a m

  11. NikNik
    March 14, 2016 11:04 pm

    This has all the elements of a yaoi that any true fujoshi would die over. It's kinda/very cliche (especially the fact that it's pretty rape-y) but one can't help but love this one. My only true issue with this is that I didn't feel the ending was completely resolved and the uke's feelings seemed rushed. He just kinda dropped his feelings for his friend and then is instantly fine with the seme and just suddenly has feelings for him?

  12. Gemini March 12, 2016 7:32 pm

    With the amount of rape turns to love concept used in a lot of yaois, I've grown to use to it to find it disturbing than I probably had weeks ago. ;-; I've lost my innocense. Plus I can't be surprised the seme like character transforms to an uke.

  13. Anonymous March 9, 2016 1:23 am

    Like oh my god how creepy can he get??? When Ayumu said "I hate you senpai" i thought YAS AN UKE WITH A BACKBONE but well its yaoi ITS JUST GOTTA BE LOVE HUH?

  14. Lei February 26, 2016 12:47 am

    The seme-turned-uke was sort of repulsive. Not the idea in general, but rather the character's personality was enough to bang my head and scream, "Just tell him already!!!!!"

    And then this asshole comes along a blackmails the seme-turned-uke into giving oral sex, and then rape, and above all, humiliation. I'm sure that there are people who like this, but seriously, this sort of guy I would dump his ass on the curb, and never look back.

    • Anonymous March 7, 2016 5:28 am


    • Samy
      March 12, 2016 9:15 am

      I kinda agree with you, i kind no....I΄m totally confused...(  ̄□ ̄)

  15. Mikhail February 23, 2016 12:33 pm

    I like the last part

  16. Hachi-Chan February 11, 2016 7:54 am

    GOOD GOD, I LOVE INTERVAL BETTER THAN SELF PORTRAIT. But for some reason Taka and Izumi's story KINDA annoys me...
    I wish Ayumu continued wearing his glasses(╯°Д °)╯╧╧

  17. yelloheh
    February 10, 2016 1:14 pm

    I think it should have been better with just 1 or 2 chapters more. The ending is rushed. I mean: "I'm sorry I raped you, now I will wait for you to be ready", "Ok for me, sempai"... it's a little too cliché.

  18. MaouSama February 4, 2016 6:34 pm

    is there a story about Taka and Izumi? :)

  19. YAOI LOVER January 28, 2016 11:03 pm

    OMG sawatari's eye are diving me crazyy(≧∀≦)

  20. Huppyvirus
    January 26, 2016 8:54 am

    How i wish i'm their girl childhood friend right now. Like my two boyfriends and their lovestory unfolds in front of me

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