Kitsune no Tama Yobai (Yaoi) manga

Kamei Yogorouta 2004 released.
Fantasy / Shotacon / Yaoi
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

At the end of the yearly winter, when the Tetsugome Zorainu (or "Celestial Dog") is to chose its bride, all the girls are hidden within their house, afraid that they might be chosen.Yuzu, a young boy living in a household of all girls, is made the blacksheep of the family and sent out to do the chores. A chance encounter by the lake with Shuro, a fox spirit, bind Yuzu and Shuro together.

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2014-09-24 00:37
Shota is not my cup of tea, but Shiro was just too damn cute to stop reading. He was just too adorable and sweet. Of course I did skip the sex scenes with him and Kuroha, but all in all, I did enjoy this manga.
2014-10-30 20:58
I really liked this manga except for the part where they nearly didn't marry each other
2014-11-12 16:35
mainly a second story about the adorable younger half fox brother
2014-09-30 21:25
Little sporadic but it is a cute story

79 Topics

  1. Mameiha
    May 18, 2015 4:01 am

    ... but if you have to use your index finger and thumb to masturbate your partner, you're doing it WRONG...and 10 years TOO EARLY.

  2. Mika April 12, 2015 4:47 am

    Super cute adorable (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  3. Asami
    April 8, 2015 5:09 am

    Yuyu sister is so rude to him :I

  4. fujoshi28
    March 4, 2015 5:47 am

    Awww soo kawaii!! Wish sensei made more.I really liked this one~~cc

  5. Anonymous February 8, 2015 4:22 am

    Talk about exact opposites. The first story was so amazing, then the second story was hella creepy. How old is that kid? He's like a toddler right? And everyone acts like its no big deal that the adult dude molests him, rapes him, and he's mean to him too. Most f*cked up thing I've read in a long while....

    • Anonymous April 6, 2015 9:20 pm

      Yeah.. though I'm assuming he is just small and his mind is young.

  6. kamidere-sama December 26, 2014 8:07 am

    Are you realized? That shirotae and yuyu has changed name ? And about the story too at first shirotae is shuro's father child but with diffrent mother but look at chap 14 he is shuro's brother child, that's kinda confusing hhahaha,

  7. jeny pinonkuan November 7, 2014 2:32 am

    Can i bully shiro as well..... damn he one cute fox <3

    • FujoshiFox
      April 5, 2015 6:32 pm

      I think that Kuroha and Shuro would kill you.... But it would definitely be worth it xD

  8. Anonymous October 11, 2014 1:46 am

    I just skip the uh, debatable parts and stick with the adorable fluffy bits.

  9. chiya September 20, 2014 11:10 am

    shirotae very very kawaiiiii..
    good wife like yuyu is awesome <3..

  10. missus August 27, 2014 1:50 pm

    Kuroha is so freakin' cute XD

  11. Ai Chan August 26, 2014 3:28 am

    I've tried so hard to stay away from this manga. I couldn't exactly figure out how to accept the fact that we have a baby-like character in the manga. However, because he is a fox which is in the dog family. So every 1 year he ages, is 7 human years. <--- THIS IS HOW I COPE!!!

  12. Lenny thine Cat July 1, 2014 3:34 am

    whay are they all pedophiles! especially kuroha! =.=
    even though they so kawaii

  13. Kirihara May 29, 2014 12:54 pm

    BIG LOVE FOR THE TWO PAIR!!!!!!! also I'd like to if it's any chapter after shiro grown up and what's kuro's reaction ^^

  14. ForeverFujoshi May 29, 2014 3:55 am

    Hahaha cuuuuute!! (>.<)

  15. -( ̄^ ̄)ゞ- April 11, 2014 7:49 pm

    Tooooooo cuuuuuuute !!!!!!!
    I love it !!!

  16. YUU March 31, 2014 11:36 am

    aww the cuteness is killing me

  17. Anonymous March 28, 2014 12:35 am

    everybody forgets shirotae is not human

    • Anonymous February 8, 2015 4:23 am

      Whatever he is he's still a child, puppy whatever. He can't even talk yet. It's ridiculous.

    • T.T. February 22, 2015 9:22 am

      To the second anonymous: he can't talk yet not because he's a child, but because he suffered a trauma when he was locked in his house alone for all those years.

  18. romanticyaoi March 27, 2014 8:52 pm

    The first couple was cute. The second, well I have mixed feelings since Shiro looks like a baby. I do love how cute he is and the ears and tail are adorable but that's as far as that goes.

    • Anonymous April 1, 2014 6:16 am

      I want to see shiro grown up a little more if there is going to be a continuation...

    • Rehena September 11, 2014 8:02 am

      I want to see him grow too

  19. SOO KYUTE! February 17, 2014 1:28 pm

    This was soo sweet and cute, I know a lot of people are deterred by the shota tag but you should make this one the exception.its one of those rare shota mangas that has a story not just statutory rape, well it has that too but. . . ., heck it has more plot and feelings than most romance mangas I've read. On another note yuyu's family are total jerks