Konna Hazu ja Nakatta no ni (Yaoi) manga

Fujisaki Kou 2010 released.
School Life / Smut / Yaoi
Even though it wasn't supposed to be like this;Konna Hazu ja Nakatta noni;Konna Hazuja Nakattanoni;Though Unexpected;こんなはずじゃなかったのに。
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

Ryuzaki is an aloof high school student who likes to seclude himself in the infirmary. This, however, teases the stubborn school doctor, Wataru, to seek out other men to quench his lustâ??!? Or is this love? They both wonder as they desperately fight with their morals. To do or not to do?

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2014-11-22 05:09
hot <3
2014-09-30 14:14
I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!
2014-10-31 17:41
I have a problem with minors and adult consenting to a sexual relationship! Cant the other party tell from the physical signs ? In addition those who already know, are the worst. they are not responsible and they can not control their feelings and act like ages. No respect for this attitude.
First story [ Ch1-5] a part time infirmary doctor who can not resist the body of a younger high school boy. Their so called love is too flat to be real.

The second story [Ch 6] is about a hardworking CEO who eye a younger looking boy. Thier story line is interesting because it is not the usual I love you - You love ,, however the events are fast paced so it is difficult to judge such a relationship, but for a one shot ,, it is good
2015-02-06 02:56
I needed more to the bonus story....all in all this was a decent manga.
2016-01-22 17:46
Wasnt bad, but some other mangas from this author were way better than this.

46 Topics

  1. Anonymous February 6, 2016 9:19 pm

    I love ittttttttttttttttttt

  2. LOL November 18, 2015 10:22 am

    Hey guys, I need your help (=・ω・=)
    Does someone know a yaoi where the seme loves his uke but the uke doesn't want to be "one partner" but the only one. Thus the uke doesn't refuse sex to the point of getting exhausted and a fever. He eventually collapses at a bar next to a friend who calls the seme.
    ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ please I need your fujoshi-help

    • Anonymous November 21, 2015 8:39 pm

      From 701 Goushitsu... . . . I guess this is the one your looking for or was because you got the replied so late.ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ~

    • LOL November 22, 2015 10:04 pm
      From 701 Goushitsu... . . . I guess this is the one your looking for or was because you got the replied so late.ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ~ @Anonymous

      Oh my god, you just made my day! Thank you so much for your help!!!!
      ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ~ ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ

  3. Luna August 12, 2015 2:40 am

    Fujisaki Kou is my freaking favorite! I love the art and the stories are fantastic! The seme's are always my type!

  4. Jissy2017
    June 28, 2015 5:03 am

    love it so so kawaii ans sexy

  5. Anonymous June 16, 2015 4:43 am

    'this dirty old man'..that the best part..kakakakaka(●´∀`●)

  6. sapphirewoman November 22, 2014 3:46 am

    More D×D

  7. SamuraiSx
    October 17, 2014 8:32 pm

    uhh sexy and nice <3 liked bonus story with factory son and president <3

  8. InLoveWithYaoi August 27, 2014 8:49 pm

    1.a beast always need master 2.never get the beast mad or it will attack 3.when you have sex with one bring alot of condom because it away get hard easy

  9. OmfgYAOIRevulution!!!! August 26, 2014 10:37 pm

    so sexy and naughty scenes! omhhg gonna re read it one day &hearts;

  10. Je Orange July 12, 2014 9:50 pm

    Wuuuhuuuu, love it. O////O

  11. Gercat July 8, 2014 3:54 am

    I liked both of them a lot

  12. Anon June 29, 2014 4:34 pm

    Both stories were good, but somehow, I think I liked that last story better.

  13. guess March 15, 2014 12:49 pm

    So adorable

  14. Nai Yaoi Luv3 March 11, 2014 3:24 pm

    the last chapter was very sweet love this

  15. blackrabbit February 25, 2014 4:14 am

    the penis looked weird... :o

  16. yuu-chan September 6, 2013 6:49 pm

    The only thing I enjoyed about this manga was the artwork... The stories are a little rushed, and there just isn't any emotion in them.

  17. ichigo September 6, 2013 5:15 am

    dirty + sexy = NOSEBLEEED!!!!!!
    loved it so frkn much, idc what others say i like her art work, one of her sotry's is my fav wich is Happy Yarou Wedding... and these one is very nice too... i love her work.. too bad for others that dosnt appreciate it ... O AND I AGREE WITH PEACE-CHAN I DO FEEL SORRY FOR WATARU but it make get a massive nosebleed!!! XD... thumbs up senseiii!!! keep the good work &hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts; &hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;&hearts;

    • Vykki Q April 20, 2014 9:53 pm

      Yay a friend lol you're so not alone lol she is my favorit to

  18. dorishpp September 4, 2013 1:08 pm

    All they did was update with the same stories!! I liked them back then and I still liked it and that is why I didn't mind reading it again!! Really sexy and exciting!! thx D

    • Anon June 29, 2014 4:30 pm

      Ch. 6 was a different story.

  19. Sakura Cherryblossom September 4, 2013 6:26 am

    some authors just can't make stories that are emotional very well, the plot is okay, but the way it is played out doesn't work well.

  20. KJM September 3, 2013 4:06 pm

    Tp hoang:vietnamese???

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