Kuroneko wa Shippo de Amaeru (Yaoi) manga

FUJIKAWA Ruri 2000 released.
Romance / Yaoi
黑貓用尾巴來撒嬌; 黒猫はしっぽで甘える;
Vol.1 Ch.6(end)
Vol.1 Ch.5
Vol.1 Ch.4
Ch.1 raw(end)
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

"When we met, I fell in love with you..."
The novelist Sakaguchi was troubled. When Sakaguchi took in a weak kitten, the high schooler Kazuya, who comes to the his house to visit the cat, suddenly confessed. He thought it was just childish nonsense, but while usually being quiet, the Kazuya who is confesed his love awkwardly while his ears became red, seemed cute to Sakaguchi. But... adult love also entails sex, right?
The love between the rough novelist and clumsy high schooler.

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Feb 20, 2014
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2015-03-07 19:24
HOTTiE seme + CUTE uke + SEXY, HOT, TORRiD SEX SCENES? = "reREAD" !! kya~
2014-08-04 13:53
Such a pity it's over! I loved it. I think I might have to read it again!
2014-11-15 23:50
ohhh he's really like a black cat- sooo cute!!
2014-08-05 09:35
cute and sweet (>v<)

177 Topics

  1. Imao-chan
    November 9, 2015 7:06 am

    kyaa i like this manga this is so sweet and hot too..i like the clumsy uke..

  2. Anonymous October 3, 2015 5:55 pm

    Love this Manga so much kazuya is toooo cute and suguchi is wowww read it a million times never get tired of reading ever needs more thanks for another read #yaiolove

  3. nekonekota August 22, 2015 5:13 am

    kazuya is seriously too cute in that maid dress!!! I wish it was longer but it's still very enjoyable!

  4. toukachan
    August 12, 2015 8:08 am

    I really enjoyed this one!! Want more :(

  5. laxius
    August 10, 2015 9:26 am

    The story isn't a special one, but it's very enjoyable anyway, just because of how you get to follow them from before they get together and then further into their relationship. and the romance is mutual (no rape, abuse, etc).

  6. kitteh June 18, 2015 6:45 am

    pretty sweet, for the most part. just wish they were more equal. kazuya should have more confidence, otherwise sakaguchi will treat him like a child forever. it's a bit belittling. but the art was super nice

  7. nameless yaoi May 23, 2015 2:44 pm

    awww this is really a cute story!!! i love the couple very much!!!!

  8. Reimei
    April 19, 2015 6:20 pm

    What the hell when he was almost molested there where no people around but once he comes there are suddenly people Σ(っ°Д °;)っ

    • Anon ^_^ May 20, 2015 9:38 am

      I think its 'cause he was in the shed at the time...

  9. ռaʊɢtʏsɛռsɛɨ
    March 8, 2015 6:49 am

    SAKAGURi-san is such a HOTTiE!! gya~
    and KAZUYA-kun was just flowing to his CUTEness!kya~

  10. mipaa
    January 10, 2015 6:45 am

    that little liquor skit was cute
    and KAZUYA is so friggen cute xPPP, sakaguri is also such a hottie. what more could i ask for? :D

  11. Luka November 18, 2014 2:19 am

    Kazuya is so cute!!!!

  12. Baaaaaka... =0 gomennasai ;) November 13, 2014 8:47 am

    Waaaaa so good!!! XD

  13. niknak
    October 16, 2014 6:21 pm

    im ready to see him grow up an working an them maybe getting married or something would be romantical

  14. Anonymous September 6, 2014 6:48 am

    does the second couple have their own manga?? they were so cute i wish there was more of them

  15. Anonymous September 6, 2014 6:06 am

    does anyone know what mnaga is this http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/kuroneko_wa_shippo_de_amaeru/bt/192392/Vol1_Ch2/2/ ? D= i remember reading or seeing it some where but i cant seem to wrap my finger around it

  16. Anonymous September 6, 2014 6:05 am

    sooo good and cute!

  17. Musis
    August 21, 2014 6:41 pm

    Kazuya looks so much like Haruka from Free!

    • Angharrad
      March 30, 2015 11:49 pm

      Wah so true! Free is by the way really a anime that would be soooooo great as a yaoi.

  18. Hana August 8, 2014 1:06 pm

    now I can't drink beer or sparkling wine anymore and I don't dare to combine them.... #blush#

  19. misstomtom August 7, 2014 7:58 am

    Very sweet story! And kazuya's cuteness is too much for me ><