Mimurake no Musuko (Yaoi) manga

MEIJI Kanako 0 released.
Drama / Yaoi
Boy is Satisfactory,Deki no Waruiko,Son of Mimura family,Umareboshi,
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

In the Mimurake no Musuko series: V.1 - Mimurake no Musuko A story set in countryside, about two childhood friends Yumi and Toshi. While going through puberty Toshi developes unresolved feelings for Yumi. One day Toshi meets Yumi’s older brother Sumi and is lured into a sexual relationship with him. And so the love triangle begins... V.2 - Deki no Waruiko The second son of the established rural Mimura family, Yumi, and Toshi are the closest of friends. Then one day, Yumi comes to know of Toshi's intimate relationship with Yumi's older brother, Sumi. After hearing Toshi confess that he likes Sumi, a shocked Yumi makes a plan to tear them apart, but... V.3 - Umareboshi The second son of the established rural Mimura family, Yumi, and Toshi are the closest of friends. Even though their mutual feelings emerged as they held each other, the couple had a misunderstanding.... A heartbroken Yumi goes back alone to their hometown for the holidays, where the cherry blossoms flutter. But then, though he was able to separate himself quickly, all he can think about is Toshi. Yumi and Toshi’s story in the “Son of Mimura Family” series is at its exciting climax!

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