Shadow Of Visions Manhua manga

Jun Xiao 2005 released.
Drama / Historical / Romance / Shoujo / Supernatural / Tragedy
幽夢影; Ban Mai Xanh; You Meng Ying; You Mong Ying
Vol.5 Ch.10.6(end)
Vol.5 Ch.10.5
Vol.5 Ch.10
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From Shoujo Manga Maniac:
The Song Dynasty:
Shan Yu Mu, an artist who can see and paint the future, is driven out of his village as a heretic… Haunted by visions of countless disasters, he wanders and encounters the innocent and spirited young lady, Chuei Ying Shuang! After a terrifying prophecy, these two who were strangers step on a path toward an uncertain future. Will their path be blessed or cursed? The only certain thing is that they will walk that path together…

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2015-09-25 08:41
This soo good it was sweet and danring with may tings i like.
2015-10-07 02:09
An Interesting journey through fate!
I'm a person who believe in fate and believe that our actions influence our fate. The problem what if somebody was giving the power to see the future? How can he deal with such burden? Will you nurture it or will you hide it? We are eager to know the future, but it is such a scary perspective!
The story is very imaginative and quite violent! Seeing how far could somebody do to reach what he wants; kill, deceive and even manipulate!
The ending is quite vague but It promises a happy ending for our 2 main characters!
2015-12-10 22:05
didnt read and never will
2015-12-20 01:56
That f**ken sadness huy buy it good
2016-02-05 04:10
Waste of time
The plot started ok then it was just nonsense rushed and a weak freaking female main character...
There's really no moral to this story...just that if someone kills your entire family just to get you, then you should take forever in reporting to authority (im saying this sarcastically).... Then for you to be a weakling and cry your eyes out just to save others... Really really boring....
This why i dont read too many manhua. The endings are usually horrible as they are rushed just like in some korean drama as well
It starts off good then its just problem here and there that some how is never ending then all it takes is one thing to fix everything and vola you have your ending...

7 Topics

  1. YeshaStar
    December 28, 2015 8:17 pm

    Eh that's all? I find the ending a bit rushed. But all in all it was a fine story :)

  2. Anonymous October 31, 2015 8:21 pm

    it is a good story, but I hate those weak stupid people. why yu shiang couldnt do anyhing to protect shan yu mu? did she only can crying and screaming? I really hate the scene where shan yu mu must hurt his own eyes. sometimes as a girl, we cant always act so ladylike. rise up and fight! protect people who loves you, dont always wanting to be protected..

    • Risa95
      March 9, 2016 2:54 am

      I agree that her response was a bit weak but I think it would probably have to do with the culture of that time. China in the past was a really sexist society and though infuriating, women were pretty helpless back then.

      So the main message: Thank goodness for feminism now. (๑•ㅂ•)و✧

  3. Baka girl
    January 17, 2015 2:51 am

    Gosh that guy is scary crazy haha! Would've liked more on there happy ending though

  4. TheWikiFool May 4, 2013 7:57 pm

    A fairly good story. I would have liked ending to have been more detailed; the conclusion was left vague, and there's a lot of potential for additional story there. In all, though, it's a great read.

  5. eimerahc January 28, 2013 2:05 pm


  6. eimerahc January 28, 2013 2:04 pm

    it was a goog read..bravo author..tnx

  7. facebook April 29, 2012 2:29 am

    When is it coming out more :)

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