Shitsuren Biyoushitsu manga

Ayumi Rin 0 released.
Drama / Romance / School Life / Shoujo
失恋美容室; Salon for Broken Hearted
shitsuren biyoushitsu (complete)
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Plot: A collection of 5 oneshots:

1) Shitsuren Biyoushitsu
She breaks the school's hair code because she wants to be noticed by the teacher. But, her teacher is transferring...

2) Itsuka Suki to Ieru Made
Tamao grows her hair in order to look like a decent girl, but...?!

3) Kono Koi wo Mousukoshi Dake
Nana and Nene are twin sisters. Nene's always copying Nana, and...?!

4) Kimi Iro Destiny
Having red hair was my complex. You told me that it was the red string of fate...

5) Shitsuren Mobius
Kirie goes to the Shitsuren Biyoushitsu. That is because of her hopeless love towards her sibling...

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