The Lover Of The Devil manga

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Shiiba Nana 2005 released.
Comedy / One Shot / Romance / School Life / Shoujo
恶魔爱人; 悪魔なカレといけにえ天使; A Devil and an Angel Sacrificed; The Lover of A Devil; Akuma na Kare to Ikenie Tenshi; Ang Nagmamahal sa Demonyo (Filipino)
Vol.1 Ch.4.2
Vol.1 Ch.4.1
Vol.1 Ch.1
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Consists of a collection of four short stories.
Story 1)
The main girl gets entangled with a guy well-known as, "The Devil". After he saves her from the grasp of some guys she got into trouble with, a contract is made. As part of the contract, she belon

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