Ugetsu Monogatari manga

Ueda Akinari 2000 released.
Historical / Horror / Josei / Mystery / Supernatural
雨月物語; Tales of Moonlight and Rain; Tales of the Pale and Silvery Moon After the Rain
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From Aerandria Scans:
“Tales of Moonlight and Rain” is a collection of classical Japanese horror/suspense stories. The stories are simple, but abundant with traditional fictional Japanese characters, such as the half-man half-bird Tengu, white serpents, fantastic carps, goblins and restless ghosts, driven by love or hatred. 

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2014-10-31 19:55
A blend of reality and fiction, which dwells into the darker side of humans' heart.
2015-08-17 07:28
I ike this story, about a men that fall in love with nobe women who hv devine grace in her life and the men woo her and although she supose to marry other !men she fall marry this men who stole her heart. But this men have a habit of gambling, alcohol, and women. So even after !marry the fair lady he keeps his affair. And the lady just patient with his wit until one day the men run way with the women hocker -who is pregnant and also his childhood friend- the women become divested and broken heart and die and hunt him.
Pity the women who only want love for him.
Keep in mind women at that time have little choice and divorce only seen as bring shame to the family. An era where women value is lower than animal. So most women is timed and believe love only once and every thing men do is correct. A world where women opinion does not matter even she a noble. So her grudge is huge. Being a women myself kinda understand that. Im lucky born to an era where nobody care if u are divorced. As long as the bill can be pay and u know how to get ur work done. Lol

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