Not going to mine [Experience]
Yuki Asena
15 08,2016 04:34
I'm not going to mine I'm a class of 2020 when that time comes I'm just going to be home reading manga. My bf says that I should go (if no one prompose she would be my date) and I know that no one is going to prompose to me so I rather stay home and I don't like crowded places   reply
15 08,2016 04:34
Promposals [Answer]
24 05,2016 23:09
I have never been promposed to, so no first-hand stories, but I saw three promposals so far in my life. I'm a sophomore, so only halfway through. I saw one in freshman year: The guy dressed up as Prince Eric and had a Flounder stuffed and had purple and blue streamers hang from the top of the door behind him. There was a sign s......   reply
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Promposals [Answer]
HotPotatoes 24 05,2016 15:02
How nice! there's no prom in my country... :(   2 reply
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Promposals [Question]
16 04,2016 06:41
Since prom season is going on and is almost over, have you guys ever got promposed or promposed to someone? What went down when it happened? Or if you haven't experienced either, what was an interesting promposal you  saw? Personally I enjoy listening to stories of promposals since they're usually not too serious and just something fun that people do. Some people did a flashmob at my school to prompose to their girlfriends and it was pretty cool.
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