Many.... [Experience]
24 05,2017 17:22
Because of my curiousity... I learned how to play basketball. Sew clothes. Make amateur beats. Writing poems and lyrics. Speak 3 different languages. Learned how to dance.... And it just keeps coming.... I love my curiosity so much. (=・ω・=)   1 reply
24 05,2017 17:22
any violonists? [Answer]
Chidoreii 09 01,2017 18:56
thank you everyone, that really cheered me up! You gave me hope (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ. I always wanted to play it but was always discouraged by my old age, I'm thinking of having a teacher (if I can afford it lol, I'll see tomorrow) because alone I just won't do it (being a procrastinator and all). Another question is how to buy a violin? How to choose......   1 reply
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any violonists? [Answer]
08 01,2017 17:38
I've been playing since I was 8 (I'm 19 right now) and it's not as difficult as some people say it is, so dont worry about it. In the beginning it might be difficult to put the fingers in the correct places, but just do what most beginners do and put stickers on it so that you get used to put the fingers where it is, and eventually you'll be able t......   1 reply
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any violonists? [Answer]
Pierre 08 01,2017 17:32
Of course! Violin is a very beautiful and fun instrument to learn and really isn't that hard. I've played for 4 years now and it isn't too hard of an instrument to learn. Start with the basics of learning the treble clef and how to position the violin and bow correctly. You can find a lot of tutorial videos on that on youtube.   reply
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any violonists? [Question]
Chidoreii 08 01,2017 17:16
I'm 21 year old student, is there a chance for me to learn violin? as a hobby?
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Animation [Experience]
08 06,2016 15:59
The newest skill I am taking up a month ago is animating. It was really fun and challenging, but worthy. Purely self-taught and a total novice. I know experts will scoff to the fact that I'm using photoshop to animate when there are more specific programs to use. Well, I'll make do what I have. ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ I cannot upload them here because........   reply
08 06,2016 15:59