Dun Da da DUUUH! [Experience]
24 06,2016 20:07
Finally, here's a few photos of my cat, Ferris. I've been wanting to post one for a couple weeks now, but I couldn't figure out how (*slams head into wall*). BUT NO MATTER! Let's be real though, he doesn't go by Ferris, his name is Kitty, cuz I'm too lazy to make an effort to use names.   reply
24 06,2016 20:07
yoshi and meatball [Experience]
PickleBuddy 17 06,2016 04:43
So one day, on summer , like a year ago I was walking down this street and it was quiet and hot as hell. While looking at some birdies up in the trees I heard a really loud meow and couldn't really tell where it was coming from... Then I heard a meow again and again and looked down and saw this tiny little gray and white kitten with these beautiful......   reply
17 06,2016 04:43
15 06,2016 20:27
Don't know if this qualifies as adopting per say or more so rescuing but anywho all my cats were strays from my neighborhood, I rescued 2 tabbys, 1 Siamese an 3 of her tuxedo kittens from this small abandoned shed. I love all my little angels   2 reply
15 06,2016 20:27
my cat adoption! [Experience]
beefy boy
15 06,2016 20:16
i've adopted 4 cats in my life. or so my family i guess? i couldnt really adopt my past cats because i wasnt of age [still technically not of age, but i work at a vet who takes in strays so i slip through the cracks lol] when i was little i really loved cats and i wanted one desperately as a child, and so luckily for christmas got a black and whi......   2 reply
15 06,2016 20:16
14 06,2016 03:59
hello, you can call me a cat master. Among numerous pets, I have three cats and have had a total of (including my current three) five cats in all. all of my cats have been rescued or adopted because they wouldn't have survived elsewhere. The current oldest (head honcho like cat) was found nearly dead outside with his tail nearly fallen off. my fami......   reply
14 06,2016 03:59
Giving away kitten [Experience]
Capuccino 23 05,2016 18:39
I have a cat and she had 5 kitten 7 weeks ago and I love them to death, however my mum doesn't want to keep them so we posted an ad just yesterday, and all have been already reserved... I'm feeling incredibly sad because I don't want to leave them and I don't want them to be separated, when we adopted my cat, her brother kept crying out. I don't wa......   3 reply
23 05,2016 18:39
Cats (and kitties) [Experience]
Capuccino 19 05,2016 17:21
I have one cat and since she had babies a month ago 5 kitties. They are very very cute and I love them to death. I also have a dog (thought I prefer cats) and it's amazing how they get along well Ps: couldn't help be put lots of pictures cause they're so cute... (≧∀≦) btw my favorite's the white one, he's called spot because he's got a grey s......   8 reply
19 05,2016 17:21
cats are my true love [Experience]
15 05,2016 22:15
i did 3 times :3 one was young when it died (i cryed for months :.[ ) one i adopted when she was small but has grown to a small old cat with a cranky personality (an old lady with sass) :) i still love her. and the last one is a big boy that invited himself in (because he could open the magnetic cat door by himself) and just stayed :3. but i don't ......   2 reply
15 05,2016 22:15
Just do it! [Experience]
21 04,2016 04:32
And help some kitty cat from the streets! They're just cute fluffy balls that need to be loved!   reply
21 04,2016 04:32
Miaucha [Experience]
14 03,2016 15:07
Adopted the cutest and snuggliest kitty cat on the planet   reply
14 03,2016 15:07
LadyBridy☃ 11 03,2016 15:19
OK, what a pity I don't have a cat even though I loooove them so much! But my mum is allergy to cats' hair, of course I love my mum more than cats... Do you have a cat? Can you tell me the story between you and cats? Oh, please let me see you cats' photo... I collected lots of cats pic in my album, that is the only way I can feel closer to them.......   reply
11 03,2016 15:19